The 2nd Annual Spelling Bee Competition

Friday, March 13, 2015 Ammar Anwar 0 Comments Category :

Hello everyone. The Second Annual Spelling Bee Competition 2015 presented by King Edward Literary Society English, is finally here! The competition takes place on 18th March in the New Auditorium from 8:30AM to 2PM. Since there are only 4 days left, hurry up and get yourselves registered for the most exciting event of KELS. You can send your information, i.e. Name and class for registration to 

The format of the competition is given below:
Round 1:
20 words in total 
30 seconds per word
10 marks per correct answer 

Slides: During the round, only definitions will be shown 
20 slides
Afterwards when revising the entire list with the words, 20 slides once again. 

Round 2:
Conducted in 2 rounds, 6 participants at a time
12 participants move on
4 words
10 marks
30 seconds
48 slides for definition etc. 

Round 3:
6 participants 
Rapid Fire
90 Seconds
No Slides

Audience Round:
As a filler
20 words
20 slides for definitions etc. 

Round 4:
3 proceed
15 total words
10 marks for each correct answer. 5 deducted for each incorrect answer. 

Don't miss the opportunity to participate! Get yourselves registered right now!