Into The Grave

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-Hammad Javaid
1st Year MBBS

Human is the most cavalier of Allah’s creations but he does his level best to become the most vile on this earthly planet. His most basic needs, most basic notions, most basic emotions make him act, think, behave in such a way that he is compelled to do such horrendous deeds which he himself feels ashamed to look at. He forgets or just neglects the morals, the core of him which distinguish him from other animals roaming the planet. For they do eat, they do love, they do interbreed, they do require shelter, they do thirst for water. So what’s the difference?

The present human is the most devious. His satanic acts have scarred the history so immensely as never has been before. Just for materialistic, artificial and farce luxuries and comforts, he readily and happily throws away his humanity.In the name of peace, he murder millions of innocent souls. But, in stead of establishing peace, this results in lust for revenge, as the receiving side is human too and how can it forgive! How can it forget? How can It pardon? ‘Thinking of peace whilst spilling blood is something only humans can do. His own emotions are the cause of all his worries. He craves for happiness, yearns for love, desires for respect and salivates for power. But, he isn't ready to give a proportion of it to others. He wants to befriend others but can’t suppress the lust for domination. He wanders around with his sense of superiority. This superiority is the basis of most of the scuffles, which become conflicts, ultimately transforming into blood feuds. How can he avoid all this? How is he supposed to prevent himself from falling into the darkness of bottomless pit of destruction and loss? The only way is to follow the Sunnah and direct his life accordingly. He has to recall that his existence is contemporary here. He has to part with this world one day. He will one day go into the grave. What will he do then?



  1. Rameez Akram TararMarch 13, 2015 at 10:15 PM

    Thankx hammad. Keep on writing buddy