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  Arwa Anwar (Ex-First Year)


The most beatific element of creation is " diversity" and the greatest curse is " not accepting it"..diversity leads to competition and diverse are the ways to compete ( by hook or by crook) those who follow crooked path embrace terrorism ..Muslims follow THE STRAIGHT PATH ( not of those who got astray)

16-12-14: The sun rose the usual way, the birds were chirping in their instinctive manner, trees encarved their usual scenery  ...But all of a sudden ,, a silent deafening noise of death wiped out the lullaby of life..catastrophic Peshawar incident left everyone numb...I felt  9/11 all over again...I felt it was war...and "those who remain silent in the crisis are the greatest sinners"..with this thought I rushed to the inspect the Battlefield. .

But when the war began.... I saw both armies in the same uniform with same appearance, both bearing Islamic flag and enchanting same slogan..killer and victim simultaneously recite 'la ilaha illah' ...and I am lost in the maze of paradox wondering " Who is who?"

I began looking for answers....and I have this notion set in my mind that I'm a Muslim not a terrorist. With whom and against whom I fight? The Question is Amidst all those who claim to be the righteous ones, who exactly are on the right side?
I try to picture the world around me and witness the blood stained Gaza, Tower of skulls in Afghanistan, dead bodies floating in the lakes of Kashmir ...Muslims being brutally murdered and there is barbarism everywhere but all my senses are stunned and put in another direction when the headlines of a top news channel justify all this brutality by a single statement "YOU ARE A Muslim AND YOU ARE A Terrorist"

And Today, witnessing both armies I see white uniforms of school students turning to coffins and the smell of ink faded into that of blood and I conclude that these innocent people are on the right path .I head towards them....but then the ugly monsters sucking blood out of humanity proclaim themselves to be on " the RIGHT PATH" with such confidence and reasoning that you start questioning their identities again...

     But the I get the answer! My Mind tells me the answer that appearances and Names definitely doesn't give you a disguise under which you hide your heinous actions?  They pronounce freedom fighters as rebellion..."jang e azadi" as ghadar ,, atomic bombing as peace keeing..
Islamic names, beard, and dress dont make you a muslim..wearing our uniform doesnt make you one of us...it's all about the RIGHT PATH...yes!! The Path that your heart and mind approves of rather being brainwashed like puppets. Diverse are our paths..and I know which path leads to darkness. .that's your path..and now I know with whom, against whom I am to fight!!!