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By Muhammad Mohsin Ali
(1st Year MBBS)

It is often said that writers live in a world of their own. This world may consist of a room, a broom cupboard (yes, it happens), an isolated desk in a huge library, or even worse, a dusty library of any university.
But writers don’t always live in isolation (and they certainly don’t sneeze all the time, as some authorities have suggested on the presumption of their taking up temporary, and sometimes permanent, residence in a broom cupboard). Sometimes they gather together to enjoy discussing absurdly boring topics, like the eleven supposedly foolproof rules to determine the meter (or is it metre? I never could figure it out) of a poem Robert Graves wrote in pure Scottish at a time when most of these writers weren’t even born.
SO what would you term a congregation of writers? CHAOS. Chaos reigning supreme over the minds of less intellectual individuals who possess not the temerity to sit down patiently to observe the life history of a “wee little mousie” and later on convert it into a masterpiece with words. And this, dear reader, is just an example of what we can do once we get blown off our rocker (although we’re like that most of the year).
THIS YEAR, we, at King Edward English Literary Society have decided to break the chains (if there were any in the first place) of boredom and whatever else it is that people suffer from, and bring out an event so unique and diverse that you will be amazed. Hey, don’t fall off your seat. Steady there, more is to come.
So JOIN us at APICS. Don’t know what it’s about? Well, APICS is an acronym for All Pakistan Intercollegiate Short Story Competition. Geddit? Nope? I thought so. It’s hard to cope with a bunch of nudniks who unfortunately turn out to be your colleagues. But then, life is like that…
So what is APICS all about? Well, sometimes, you fell as if you have a story inside you. And you need to spit it out before you forget it.
SO why not do so with an incentive to follow, and with a chance of meeting a few prestigious authors ready to be availed. After all, we all like a bit of praise coming our way, don’t we?
What do you need to do? Here is a list of “what must then be done, O writers of the east”
-        -  Get yourself registered for the short story competition for a nominal fee of Rs. 300 here. You can pay via a bank draft or a deposit slip
-         -  Send us your email and institution id on our brilliant looking FB page, and get yourself wholly in!
-          - Write a short story on any theme in fiction. Don’t get too much factual, and don’t get lost in the world of plays and poems!
-         - Submit your short story (in handwritten, printed or online format). And while you are at it, see that you don’t get carried away. Stick to the WORD LIMIT: 2500 words.
-         - You can submit more than one story, if you fell up to it, but you will have to pay separately for each story you submit.
-         - No plagiarism. Geddit? No copying around what isn’t rightfully yours.
-         - You can submit either via post or by email.
a.       In case of post: The short story/stories, along with a bank draft/deposit slip should be enclosed in a sealed envelope and sent to the address:
“C/O Prof. Dr. Atif Husnain Kazmi, Head Dermatology Department, Unit 1, King Edward Medical University, Mayo Hospital, Lahore”.
b.      In case of email: send your story at:
-         - Do mention you name, your Institution’s name and your contact details (your fellytone no. as well as your email address) both on the cover page and on the back of the deposit slip, so that we can know who you are
-         - There is an awesome thing that I feel I cannot skip (much though I’d like to disappoint you). There will be a CASH PRIZE for the winners. PLUS, the 1st in line will be published in the US Magazine ( published by The NEWS International.
-         - And last but not the least, the DEADLINE for submitting your magnum opuses is 10th March, 2014. Do I make myself clear?
-         - For any queries, write to our dedicated organizers at:
1. Muhammad Haseeb:
2. Abdul Moiz Khan:
I guess I have ranted a lot by now. One more thing: There is going to be a convention as well, in which we will discuss, with some of the noted names of the country like Musharaf Ali Faruqi (his “Between Clay and Dust” is an excellent read), Khalid Toor, Dr, Amjad Pervaiz and Tanzila Khan. All of these are people who know what it is like out there. So don’t miss an opportunity to meet them, in person!
You can register for the convention using the SAME form as provided above, except that you DON’T need to pay Rs. 300 to attend the convention. Shame.
So what are you waiting for? Unleash the madness of your thoughts, and see what you can come up with!

Let the madness of your thoughts be your fuel!