Test.... My friend...!!!

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Once, I used to dream of perfection. A perfect life. Consequently, I had everything one could possibly wish for except one little thing : Happiness. I was deprived of contentment and gaiety. Then one good friend of mine, whom I had loved passionately but he was never satisfied, forced me to undergo a test: Find out one unique thing about yourself that only you possess and no one else does. I readily accepted the challenge as I was pretty sure there would be dozens of such unique qualities...
-I started off with  my beauty, "I am the most handsome guy around" but i was immediately rebutted when I was shown pictures of more handsome guys than me.
-I have a rich family history having a long list of achievements. My forefathers were men of outstanding abilities. But again, my family isn't the only one.
-I am very rich but No, every friend of mine is as rich as me.
-I can create wonders. I've topped every class. I was the best student of my school. Here, my friend took me to my old school and i was stunned and really disappointed when i saw new people, new guys  who had taken my place. They seemed to be better replacements and were being  praised by my teachers the same way they used to appreciate me. They all seemed to have forgotten me and my achievements. I wasn't required there anymore. No more.
One after the other, all my ideas of pride and uniqueness were brought to dust like a house of cards. I couldn't think of one thing, only one quality that I could claim to be exclusively mine. My beauty, wealth, grades, intelligence, my humour, my power, my skills, nothing was absolute.
Everything is relative. I may consider myself rich but there are still people richer than me  and thinking in that perspective, I am poor as compared to them. I might end up as a dull student when tested against more smart student. I am no better than  the seemingly ordinary person sitting next to me, let alone the best, for everything is relative. If I am good in one department, he must be better in any other and looking at myself from his eye, I am inferior to him in that department, if it is the criteria for awarding status..
Trying desperately to hold on to any exclusive quality, I finally realized I am just an ordinary man living on a small part of land in one of the hundreds of cities in the world and looking from outside the world, I am nowhere to be found. I am a mere piece of flesh destined to live a certain period of time and then vanish into unknown circles of universe. I was arrogant because I was ignorant of reality of life. I have got nothing special to present, my hands are empty. My good friend taught me I am not the centre of universe, instead I am a minute little particle of it. Millions have passed away and many more are waiting, ever ready to replace me, ready to pounce on things on which I claim my right. My Right. As if "I" matter.
After that test, I had everything i wished for because I was really happy...
( Anyone else who wants to take this test, contact my friend. His name is 'Ego'. I think you already know his address..)