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I always have had this thing for clouds. And it's not just for Their fluffiness.Maybe It's that texture they've got. I just look at them and feel a soft, silkiness curved inside my palms.
And the delight of it..
The feeling I just crave to explain to someone but I know I never can. And there's an innocence to this fact that I cherish. the satisfaction to have that child-like craving for the mysteries of nature. It's almost exhilarating to know that struggle as I do to lose myself in the rat-race I've chosen to join, there's something deep inside that I've not been able to pervert.
They're one of those things that make me stop in the way of what I'm doing and just stare in wonder. There may be a world beyond them, there maybe a world within. I've not yet proceeded beyond the mystery of their contours and that's not even the bottom of the staircase. I wonder whether I'll ever climb those steps, from marvel to realization. Not everyone does. Not everyone's destined to decipher the complex encodings of his fate in this temporary life. Yet, not everyone has the blessing of the desire to know conferred upon him. Few people realize how blessed they are to know that there are things for them to understand in their life. A life of ignorance where one simply never finds out the wrongness of his direction is the thing to be feared. A shiver runs down my spine every time my thoughts meander down that lane. Wretched, Doomed to never even know you're wrong.(Shudders) I seek my ALLAH's refuge.
And then, as it happens, all the simple thoughts climb back into the memory attic.
Sometimes I think what I can do with this wonder thing. It gives me pleasure to be lost in its realms purposelessly. There're some things u may be able to clarify with a try, but u simply don't want to. U want some aspects to be left unexplored. Maybe it's the laziness that holds u back. Or maybe ur amazement is just weighed down by the fear of the unknown. I fear that the reality may not be as amazing as I picture in my mind. The world beyond my clouds may be just a flash of light that'll finish it all off. I can spend a lifetime in hoping it's not but may never put forward my hands to lift the curtain. I simply won't and there's never a logical explanation for anything u simply won't do.
Maybe some people live at the rostral end of my marvels, above my clouds. If they do, and if they're like the people I find around me, I hope they never look down. A man above the clouds may look down to find no ground to put his feet upon. No ground to hold him down to the gravity of life. They may look down and find simply clouds- the innocent, silent lot to be trodden down upon. And people like us have the burden of their existence held high above our shoulders. I'd not like that.
I like the clouds with a silver lining. The ones who hide a smiling sunshine peeking from above their shoulders.(Sighs)
Another day, another rainstorm, and my clouds return in full glory. They may never know how many smiles of my life are linked to them in my happy days and they should never know what baseless fears I attribute to their mystery. I hope I'll rise beyond them someday and find the good I wish for.:)