And when we meet, sparks fly- A love letter

Sunday, June 02, 2013 Mahrukh Mumtaz 3 Comments Category :

My love!

What you meant to me, I never told you and now we have no time between us. No time to find our relationship once again. I have to confess here: It wasn’t love at first sight, now that kind of love is just too superficial and in my opinion, is not love at all. Ours is a deeper connection. It’s something that grows with time to make us inseparable, kind of like being with each other because we have no other choice. If we fight that choice, we’d be incomplete.

Ours was an untypical love. I had known you since forever; something that made me take you for granted. I expected you to just always be there, comforting me like an ardent lover does. You give me a life of peace. You are the aroma of my favorite microwave- cooked meal, you are the excitement I have when a football match is on, you are the breath of icy fresh air for me in the scorching heat, and you are that perfectly chilled glass of water that soothes me. You make my life perfect like that perfectly ironed dress shirt hanging in front of me.

Sigh! Now I can only reminisce about the time that we had together; an era of unimaginable, utopic bliss. Without you, I feel incomplete. I don’t feel like myself when you aren’t there. My life comes to a standstill.  I waste my time without any purpose or direction, in complete misery. Baby, you light up my world. You give me the power to move ahead after a sucky day at work. Baby, why do you have to leave me? And with such a sudden, uncalled- for- urgency that breaks my heart every time.

And now to quote a cheesy Enrique line that fits perfectly here, for you my darling, I’d listen to anything: ‘And now that you’re gone, I just wanna be with you, And I can’t go on…’ (Yes, I actually teared away here).

Darling! I admit I was wrong and didn’t treat you the way you deserved to be treated. All I can say is that I’m sorry. And that I’m falling for you, pretty bad.  I can’t imagine life without you anymore. I while away my nights thinking about you. Oh, bring me the comfort of your presence once again!

And now for the last word: I hope you’ll read this (and realize the profound emotion behind it) and ask the WAPDA authorities to turn you back on.

And when we meet, sparks fly.

That’s just how our love is.



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