Feeling guilty is the step towards triumph!

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We people set up courts day and night in which we reserve the role of judges and all the people encountered by us stand in the dock. Believing ourselves perfect and pious, we assess others on our scale of panorama. In the book of self centeredness, self views and thoughts are certified as authentic. If the other person agrees with us, he is the most acceptable and in case of divergence, he doesn’t deserve living! Alas! The abilities given to us by Allah Almighty to differentiate well from evil are being utilized by us to judge others. The easier it is to expose someone’s shortcomings; the difficult it is to scrutinize oneself. Self recognition takes you to God and the first principle of self recognition it to present yourself in the court of conscience. Many will find these things mere repetition of what has been said and written thousands of times at hundreds of places, but believe me, when someone stands in the dock of conscience he realizes how much insensitive and ignorant he was about all this. There is no better evaluator than conscience and no terrible brutal than pneuma who leads one astray and renders him embarrassed in front of conscience. If one learns to defeat pneuma, he would be triumphant in the court of conscience and will travel the distance from self betrayal and selfishness to self recognition and after that the path to actuality is no sweat.
Killing somebody is way easier than defeating one’s pneuma. Pneuma drags towards fraudulence, hypocrisy, greed, pride, prejudice, status consciousness and revolt whereas conscience condemns them, pneuma makes one stalk other people and in doing so, he loses himself, he apprehends each and everything except himself. But Allah never leaves man in bewilderment, in life somehow or someway man sticks to such gross loneliness that there remains only him and his conscience, everything else vanishes. Than the man finds himself compelled to answer his conscience about the flaws of his pneuma due to which he has been subjected to this solitude. In the dock of conscience, questions are that tough that man finds himself speechless and this silence indicates accepting guilt. Man then loses, becomes unable to face himself, and finds himself arrested in a feeling of deterioration out of which he can come only by surmounting his pneuma which is the hardest of all tasks.
 Hard but not impossible, people with firm faith can do it, they accept the denunciation of conscience, admit their mistakes and pledge to overwhelm pneuma and by doing this they can win in the world and hereafter despite losing against themselves! Its arduous to accept that I was wrong, my deeds were faulty, hearings inaccurate, sayings fallacious, my longings were defective, my hatred incorrect, very laborious to accept that I was perverted! But once you do it, no reproach remains, every distraction finds direction, every clamor meets peace and every wound gets healed! If you have doubts on its authenticity then do your catharsis before you are evaluated by life because everybody will be assessed either with his willingness making him able to reach the destination of self recognition or the life judges you and makes you realize your retrogression by distorting your pride and ego!