Three line confessions.

Sunday, April 21, 2013 Amna Khalil 2 Comments Category :

I hate small talk.
I hate it when people talk about meaning-less things like the weather while the more important conversations lurk deep inside, unsaid.
And I hate the fact that most of the haikus are about autumn.

So heres my try at coming up with a decent haiku.
At times I have followed the 5-7-5 , at times I haven't.

Fell undecidedly
such small morbid salt crystals 
on my lap his tears.

Wave me a last goodbye

Moving round and round
  gray on grime ; rust on rust ; a
farewell, finally  bid.

The devil’s tongue in 
a clay mouth; self-assured for 
thy heart Virginal.

To be flushed
(an ode to my lil) 

Dead lily dreaming
on the top of the fish bowl
she floats.

To fat or not to fat
On the crossroads of life
she makes her choice
full cream over skimmed.

As I retrace his footsteps
A sad tune
the skylarks in love whine
of ecstasy.

A mid-summer night's kiss

He melts with a kiss
glutinous, soft; in my mouth
my oatmeal cookie.

Just one last one,
Can you weep out a laugh
O you!who taught
how to empathize

To the moth who imparts lessons of compassion.



  1. My favorite is 'The midsummer night Kiss' :)

    I always love reading Haiku.
    Small is size,big in meaning.Essence-d
    like speech in Broca's Aphasia.

    The start reminds me of something similar said in God Of Small Things

  2. "Humans

    The devil’s tongue in

    a clay mouth; self-assured for

    thy heart Virginal"

    All hail the haiku Queen! First I wrote Horrible things on the LRC k samnay wali almari and now I read your HAIKU>>>> Can this get any better> NOOOOO