Friends. I love you!

Monday, April 01, 2013 Unsa Athar 2 Comments Category :

Unsa Athar (1st Year)
I was given a piece of advice by a senior recently
"No friendships in professional University. Just professionalism works here. People are fake. So beware"
Okay. So the senior must have had a bad experience. But for me things are different!

Lets talk about the University phase of my friendship story. We came in together to KEMU from the same college. We were never so close in the college because we had different friendship circle at that time. But in Uni. as we knew each other among the crowd of unknown faces , we decided to stick together and move together like a herd of sheep :D And gradually we were tied to each other with strings of care..!
The strength of being together protected us from ragging. Whenever seniors approached us, we would run together as a group. All of us screaming BHAAGOO at the top of our voices always created a hilarious scene :D
And gradually I realized how beautiful and pure these people, that I hang out it, are. Yes, I am friends with many more people at KE now but I started this journey of KE with you folks. You were the ones who made me laugh in the start depressing days. You were the ones who walked with me after the torturous lectures in the jam-packed lecture theatre. You were the ones who taught me that happiness increases manifolds when you share. You were the ones who taught me that happiness is hidden in the little moments we share together, dragging a friend to guddo bhai to get a treat for no reason, cursing one of us for studying more than the others, keeping seats for each other in the lecture theatre, finding "wo wali baat" of each one of us and then teasing each other :D , sitting together for a group study and doing nothing but gossip :P
yes, happiness is hidden in these moments..
I cannot comprehend what professionalism must be hidden in this kind of friendship.. I don't know about professional life but for this period at ke I need you folks! I need you for each day here. 
I cannot imagine life at ke without you all. What would have I done without you when Ma'am Sadia broke me down. What would I do if there was no one to scold me about how I do not give you people time because of the society thingies. How would I survive if my tummy is not fed by the mufta on each other's money..
Friends, you make my days at ke bright and beautiful
Friends, without you folks, life could not have been this perfect.
I thank Allah for granting me with such folks, Love ya :D