Tuesday, April 09, 2013 Aushna Rasool 6 Comments Category :

Stuck in the woods of hell,
Strings around the neck and he couldn’t yell,
The agony, dilemma, fear, horror
Wandering around him were the shadows of terror

Seeking refuge in a corner, he dared not move
Kept waiting for the savior of his life
Hearing the tick tock of the horses hooves
Was shocked to find near his neck, that devil’s knife

Awaiting some angel, who won’t come
Starting to wonder, had he lost his way home
He felt inside him the urge to flee
The desire to live his life, as a man free

Remembering then the long forgotten lessons of bravery
That fighting with valour, breaking the ties of slavery

He came into action, altered the paths of his fate
And that dreary world of oppression started to evade
Came the rays of hope, his haven got bright
Dark faded and left was a safe starry night!



  1. Wow good one Aushna! Write more! (y)

  2. thankxxx Masooma! :)

  3. thankiexx Sid baji! sure will! ;)

  4. thanxx Fafima :)