Behold! We are humans!

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We dream. We aspire . We idealise.We emulate.
We all like to build our own perfect little worlds. We all like to loved.And when it comes to fame and success and glory,our aspirations can run mighty high. When striving high to fly high we humans can be brutal and intense.
But that's just the way we are.
We are humans,the strangest,most unpredictable species on the Earth with these queerest,inexplicable things that keep tugging at our hearts----the things we call emotions.
We lie. We lust. We cry. We struggle.
Our emotions make us do things that would,otherwise,seem impossible. We may fight with our friends,we may call them nasty names,yet we are the first to weep and tusk everytime a friend is hurt.
We may put on professional face and act all cold and immune to the fact that we cut into dead humans everyday. We may be perfectly fine with walking around the DH holding human limbs and cracking jokes while tearing flesh off their bones,yet there always are times when we are jolted out of this all-obliterating mist. A bracelet dangling off the arm of a cadaver may suddenly remind us of the fact that these cadavers were once actual people like us----people with dotting parents,adorable kids and loving soupses. People with a thousand dreams in their eyes that failed to blossom.People whose parents might still be waiting for them to be found and reunited with them.
We care. We feel. We sigh. We grieve.
We might get exasperated at our siblings for being nosy and at times,downright irritating,but ,they are the only ones who sincerely wish us luck before every test.
We may test our parent's patience all the time,we may throw tantrums and demand outragiously costly gadgets from them,yet they are always there beside us. They are one who regularly call you at hostel and remind you day in and day out to eat well and sleep well. Its them we turn to everytime we are in pain. Its them who will abandon every commitment to be with us on our birthdays!
We betray. We hurt. We crush. We avenge.
We may,at times,wish to have been born in the US or the UK and to never have to face the endless load-shedding and communal violence,yet we bristle everytime some sanctimonious and self-rightious Europian or American politician says something condescending about Pakistan. We are the ones who feel immense pride at the mere mention of Ali Moeen Nawazish or Arfa Karim Randhava.
We are all instinctively selfish and can go to extreme measures to accomplish something we desire. We all lie and cheat and betray. Like the moon with its dark side,we all have these baser instincts,latent in some,awake in others,yet when loved and trusted,we all can be extraordinarily loyal and faithful too!
We are born with these stark contrasts. These bold negations and yet bright affirmations of our 'human' nature.
Verily,we are all HUMANS.

         Usama Irshad.

         1st year MBBS.