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Dark clouds, musky air, people passing by
Fussing and fidgeting in rocky field nearby
A field of stones it was, But
Not just stones were they all.
Crystal, rubies, emeralds and what not
Collectors roamed around with bags never full
But some bags bulkier than the rest
As eyes pried from one’s to next’s
In a silent competition to outdo the best
Gathering them all became ability’s test
In epicenter of that rage, stood one more
Looking at those collectors in field of stones
He looks and points at stone after stone
“There, look! Go! Pick that up!”Nobody comes
So he goes after it, adamant and alone
Now his bag, getting full of stones
Trapped in main stream’s haze
 A wild chase, in greed’s maze…
Now, he too, was among those in rule
Those collectors with bags, never full
But looked at as perfection’s epitomes
Soon sands of time carry him away
To an overlooking tower, where his eyes swayed
To look at the field still full of stones
Sons of Adam merely, flesh and bones
His own bag full of, pebbles and rocks
Those gems now, by reality were outcast
Is this what he gathered over time, he deemed?
Once priceless gems now weights of dust, it seemed
Once point of pride now turned grief’s fiend
Fighting over stones, his life was lost
In lure of ambitions, purpose was forgot
Victory was hollow, not worth the cost
For, he was a collector, in field of stones, alas…



  1. In lure of ambitions, purpose was forgot...true! v well written!!

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  3. Its everybody's story.
    Thought provoking!