Shoot an Apple Off My Head

Friday, March 08, 2013 Muhammad Farhan Ashraf 3 Comments Category :

Shoot an apple off my head

Who knows,if i may survive or lay dead

These eyes are dry, which once bled

I am a closed book now,just as you said

My body is mere a locked cage

My restless soul,an empty page

Endeavoring to hear the words unsaid

Now shoot an apple off my head

I know absurd these words sound

but yes i am lost....till you are found

i have lost that path to you which led

Now shoot an apple off my head

For trust that lies within my heart

For the verity,i cant envisage to part

For the tears of blood for you i shed

Just Shoot an apple off my head

I have God knows,no one else to blame

Coz it was me,who lit the flame

i always talked about tomorrow

but that tomorrow never came

I am tired and lost from the paths i ve tread

Leave the apple,aim for my head,instead....

(farhan 2nd yr)



  1. I didn't read this one.
    I sang it in the Coldplay ka "Clocks" wali tune.
    Now I am a bathroom singer but you , you can make one hell of a gana out of it :)