Liberal Dilemma

Friday, March 01, 2013 Afra Ishtiaque 1 Comments Category :

                                                   Liberal  Dilemma

Are truths necessary because we deem them to be so, or do we deem them to be so because they are necessary?
 A dilemma exists most noticeably at the level of theistic systems blogosphere  is one of the most vibrant in the world and could become a platform for objective discourse My point is that in this era, the question of age when it comes to engaging religious diversity is moot. We are literally born into a condition of interfaith interaction .Religious diversity should be presented as strength and a matter of pride. The blasphemy laws need to go. This brain washing takes place when a child’s thinking is still susceptible to manipulation.

The strong tendency to display hostility toward different religious positions is connected with a strong tendency toward xenophobia and ethnocentrism. These implanted thoughts create intolerant adults who become self-righteous in their beliefs and actions, considering all other faiths satanic. How religions are working to make a better world, the standards formed by nature is therefore distinct from HIS will, not distinct from HIM.. What is our oneness?   If not in our religions, is it in all of us?  Vacuously sometimes different roads lead to same castle, for its never   too late to give up your prejudices. Never  judge someone by the way he looks or the way it’s covered.. for inside those tattered pages there is a lot to be discovered..