I am hope and I will not surrender !

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 Awais Tarar 4 Comments Category :

Are you sick of life? Moving on is getting tough? You fear everything is going to turn into smithereens? Are you losing the fight? Do you feel you are too weak to strive? Your dreams are nothing but foolish and immature wishes of an idiot? Your unusual feelings of love are mere infatuation and will fade away with time? Your plans are risky? Taking a giant leap could lead to disaster? Your legs are too tired to continue the journey, I should quit? Whatever you do, it turns into a blunder? People who succeed belong to any other category; you don’t have that talent and passion? You can never change myself?
Life has strange ways expressing of its strangeness. Sometimes, it can get as easy as a video game and playing it two or three times makes you a master. And contrary to it, on many occasions, life exhibits its cruelty and unpredictability in ways, still more weird and awkward to us. You meet a stranger and you feel like as if you knew him already, in your subconscious. Sometimes, life acts like a chess game in which one wrong move could put your king under check and all your struggle gone in vain….!
That’s where I step in. I am hope. I live in the hearts of the people who struggle, who strive against the hardships and sufferings. I inculcate courage and valor in the frightened man with iron will. I am employed by folks who see apparently foolish and unrealistic dreams. I am the right hand of a fool who believes in taking risks. I compel the pessimist to give up hesitant attitude and take a plunge. I force the already tired legs to move on even when destination is out of sight. I could win a chess game even by a pawn forcing a checkmate on king. I provide shoulder to a man grieved by his habit of blunders. I soothe him by convincing that any action is bound to fall in this category if it fails to achieve its target. But at least you are trying and you may hit the target next time. Keep trying….!  I galvanize the hearts, electrify the passions, lift the spirits and compel the depressed and highly confused soul to believe in his dreams because I am hope and I will not surrender………!

What’s the fun without trials? What the purpose of life without tests?  How can a man cherish love if he has never been deprived of it? Life wouldn’t be a life if it’s predictable. It wouldn’t be wonderful if you wake up knowing what’s going to happen today. Every second should be a surprise. With every passing moment, we must search something new, something different. And whenever anyone confronts any problem, it only means he’s going to land into something bigger and life wants to send him a gift. After all,
     "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing"



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  2. This was beautiful. All the more respect for pouring your heart out. Well done, Tarar.

  3. Jawab-e-shikwa (Y)
    You have no idea how much I needed to read something like this today.

  4. now that's really a big big compliment :-)
    my words helped you get over something, there can not be anything better than this feeling!
    Thank you!