Why dont we GIVE?

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Unsa Athar (1st year)

..A sandwich making competition.. AMAZING

it would be so much fun man.. All of us were so excited. Our class teacher divided the whole class in 5 or 6 groups for the competition. The arrangement were made in two days. All the ingredients that were required were jotted down, the money was divided. Every thing was just perfect!
And finally the day came. My friend, Z, and I were the ones in our group who were meant to make the sandwiches and the others were to assist us. But our teachers called both of us to decorate the room in which our sandwiches were to be placed for the principal to come and judge. 
We had to go and thus our sandwiches were left on the mercy  of other lazy group members. It took us two hours to make the room beautiful enough for the teachers to be satisfied. When we came back we only had half an hour to make the sandwiches. Oh yes, our partners had peeled the cucumbers and had eaten them up!  >_<
Anyways, we could just make 2, 3 sandwiches while other groups had made 10+ sandwiches.
But still WE WON :D
but this not what I want to tell actually, the worth mentioning thing is what happened later..

Two days after the competition, we were called to the principal office. Our group. And we were asked why did we give the bread to the maid at school...
We were scolded for that. We were scolded for giving bread ..
Giving bread to a lady whose children might have never heard what in this world is called bread..
I do not understand this.
We could not make the number of sandwiches we had intended to , and we had enough bread at our homes so what was the issue in using the extra pieces for filling someone Else's tummy.
What is the issue in giving?

In the long life that I have spent in this world, I have not seen many parents who encourage their children to give.
I have seen many people buying a cornetto for their own child but I have not seen many people buying an ice cream for a poor child who is standing nearby and staring. 
I have seen many people in luxurious cars giving a penny or two to a beggar but I have not seen many people buying a towel from a poor man who didn't prefer begging.

I once saw a disabled man on the road in his wheel chair. On his wheel chair he had adjusted some kind of a block of wood and had placed different items like talcum powder, surma, nail cutter etc.He wasn't saying anything to anyone. He was just sitting and staring people with blank eyes. He certainly must be wondering why is no one approaching me. Can't anyone of these people buy one of these goods so that I might be able to eat something. No, no one even bothered to stop for a moment and look at that guy.

As the leaders of an Islamic state it is job of our rulers to eradicate poverty. "Even if a dog dies in their stater, they shall be asked about it." But they are so busy in themselves that they don't have time for the poor of their nation. So lets just consider we have no rulers at all. And thus as a Muslim, as a Pakistani its our job, yours and mine , to help those who need it. Its our job to make a smile dance on some one's face, that some one who doesn't even know that twisting his lips in a particular way is called SMILING.

We can help the poor people on the roads by creating a reason for them to smile.
Instead of buying a shwarma one day, we can buy some nimko from the poor lady who sits on the foot path near the KEMU gate.
We can buy a packet of GUDDO FRIES for one of the poor boys who sell hair clips and bands. Though we might not be needing the clips, but we can buy some from him, just to help him earn something. Even though we may not belong to very rich families but still we can help, we should help, we must help!



  1. this is really insightful of u to write this

  2. Nicely done. a thought worth conveying !