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As elucidated and celebrated for centuries, the offerings of life are myriad spanning from abstractness to concreteness. Abstractness which covers love, anger, peace etc. and concreteness which are the beloved, enemy, or even a four wall have an immense potential of transformation. Sometimes it is the love you revel in and at contrary instances you cherish the beloved, at one moment your impulsive anger drives you into formidable deeds like an enemy who always lurks to push you into trouble; at the other tilt of the clock the physical and social hostility to someone makes you deem him your enemy, simple indeed. In a nutshell, it is the transformation we are played by in our progression through time.

                Bodies which are miserably tormented, souls struck relentlessly by the lashes of time, spirits shaken spasmodically by brazen realizations and hearts not mended but stitched after breaking manage to cast a new pattern from the jigsaw puzzle of transformation: just like a childhood maneuver when failing to create the one like prototype, the child wraps his dejection in a novel glee and says, ‘mama, isn’t it more beautiful than the original one’.

                I call this new pattern inculcated into existence ‘transmutation’, a state where pristinity rules you and where each moment of segregation heralds new arrivals. Those eyes wetted at parting from parents, siblings and friends now elicit sparks of fortitude and complacency. You are coaxed into the relationship of solitude with the Supreme Being. That is when people start spinning their own cocoon-like a butterfly’s pupa after undergoing transformation: where it would be only you nurtured by your solitude. The cocoon would shatter one day and you would emerge as radiant and as free as a butterfly.

The world would turn into a meadow!



  1. A very candid and thought provoking delineation of the transitions one grows up with. Solitude is a bliss to seek mysticism and approach the Divine. Henry David Thoreau FTW. Superb!

  2. you have managed to express the whole concept in such a concise way, and then the idea of emerging as a butterfly after transformations is mind blowing, Amazing!

  3. reallyy only this transmutation can add color to our soo dull lives nowadayz!