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Being a child, whenever I heard the word cannibal, the image of a horrible tall wild man, dancing around the fire, catching humans, slicing them into pieces, drinking blood, laughing hysterically, came into my mind.
But now eyeing down the situation, I just wonder, was that the real picture! Are cannibals only those eating human flesh! The answer is no! A big big NO!
The silence of voices of those who dare speak against one to cut down the chances of any riot or revolution, the degradation of those already down to maintain one’s  chain of the slaves, the deprivation of the poor of the basic necessities of life by the rich to keep them negligent of their rights, the murders of the innocent to satisfy one’s ego, the misuse of religion declaring others non muslims to satisfy one’s religious superiority complex, the rejection of an idea that might supersede one’s idea not to let anyone take one’s place, misguiding someone to save one’s own interests, isn’t it all cannibalism? When we do this, aren’t we divesting someone of his capabilities, his vigor, his morals, his ethics, his potentials, his ideas, his resolutions? Aren’t we excavating him from inside? Aren’t we eating up his social existence? Aren’t we being social cannibals?
Yes we are! When it comes to that we all are cannibals! Some big, some small, but we all try hard to be cannibals and by doing this, we have not only destroyed the heedfulness of our countrymen but we have also destroyed our social system! We have spiflicated the staircase that might have led us to the top of this world and the result is!

We have become a distinguished class of cannibals that eats up the roots of their own survival!



  1. cannibalism in social sense is something new!(Y)
    and the last line is amazing and thought-provoking!

  2. thanks Awais!
    n yeah the word may be new but itx been goin on in our country particularly for decades!

  3. brilliant concept...agree totally!

  4. amazing..!!! u ve got great writing skills :)