Facing The Music

Sunday, February 10, 2013 Muhammad Farhan Ashraf 3 Comments Category :

Standing alone in a crowd of people
That storm in hearts was mere a ripple
Staring at their Sculpted faces
Hubristic,egotistic sheen traces

Discerned the truth beneath their lies
Saw the world with befuddled eyes
Negated himself to prove them correct
Yet in their mind he lacked "self respect"

His fellow pigeons flew away
His heavy shackles doubled this way
With so much weight now he cant fly
Giving up any further hope to try

There he stood,a devastated soul
Forgot his Ambition,forgot his goal
Dragged by devil in murky streets
His life became so full of cheats

He cursed the ones who left him alone
Reached a stream when aurora shone
And gazed the water in despair
For his face was no less filthy than theirs!




  1. Very well written farhan...keep it up boii.. (Y)

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