Dreamy Girl

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 KELS 1 Comments Category :

By Afaq Sadaat

When she moves up,My heart goes down,
And says in its beat "I drowned,I drowned..!!"
No boast,no show,she is all honey,
She walks in style and talks symphony,
And the colors she possesses in her sight,
Her hair black as night but much more bright,
Saber like her looks,her cheeks had a tune,
Swift figure she possessed,her passions as june,
Her smile is like sunshine,her height like a pine,
Snow like her complexion,her eyes r heavenly wine,
Thousand of questions circulate in my bloodstream,
May be one day i ll find the girl of my dream...



  1. is she your dreamy girl or a mixture of seasons and fruits? :-)
    nicely written dude........!