ANOTHER DROP SPILT..............

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Written by: Amir Sulman (2nd year MBBS)

I was murdered; I was murdered in my dreams. The ghost crept onto me stealthily and jagged my heart. Stabbed me when I was least prepared. COWARD. Unaware of the shadows lingering in my wake. I could not scream. The horrors of it paralyzed me. Mutilated, I lay there; they witnessed the act with silent faces. They were the characters in my dreams. I was dead just like sun when it turns all purple and orange before it sinks.
In another world, I would rise and question the cannons of justice. Maybe in that world absolution is one thing that won’t be granted for murders committed in cold blood. In that world I will be the judge of my court and no penance will be granted for violence directed at me with such heartless sentiments. Vengeance will be claimed, Forgiveness, denied.
I was born free and independent. By celestial principles, the right to decide my fate was handed to none. I was murdered on ground of my color, creed and race. But deep down inside I was just the same. The same blood ran through my veins. Committed the same crimes everyday like you did. Corrupted just as much to be even with you. A hypocrite, scum that settles at the bottom of the river. Passionate I was about every mischief. Maybe not as much. Still my assassination was prejudiced. Had I not proven worthy to join your circles? Achieved a rank amongst you, perhaps. That you cherish and marvel and hold so precious.
The moral arc is bent at the boundaries of justice, today and tomorrow. Forgiveness is me giving up my right to hurt you for hurting me. Holy water, they say has the power to relieve all spiritual and physical impurity. It won’t make injuries inflicted onto me heel. The pain has long gone but the scars are still there to remind me every minute of it. Tormented agony. Living and reliving it time after time. I cannot’s something I don’t govern anymore!
I woke up to find lethal marks on my body, signatures of your cruelty. Sweat running down my face, I could not breathe. Gasping for air, I tried to get out. I could not move. My soul and body did not feel as a single unit; non- synchronized. This was the end, mush too awaited. Dreamt of not desired. Forced onto not chosen. Overdue my existence had to pay. What God do is to pour life into death and death into life. Man the greatest of his creations spilt it. Another drop.......

Silent warnings dimly perceived.
Shadows falling like dead leaves.
Dead child, drunken arms, Twilight. Fading night. Empty streets on a winter’s night.
In his grave, lay dead and rotten; flesh and bones, a tale long forgotten.
Revealing a secret. Unleashed lies,
Concealing a truth, dreams stolen. Painted red with splattered blood. Tears shed, muted cries.
Crusader, holy intentions; a martyr born to die......

A tribute to Dr. Haider Ali and his son. Both of them were assassinated today on account of religious enmity.
May their souls rest in peace.



  1. All thats red is not blood... its the face of justice, peace, right and a long list of noble values and principles,taught in name of Islam, In name of humanity...that stand head-bowed... ashamed.. today at hands of such acts..