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Not about being a pious sage or something.
We all seem to be very taken to the fact that people are bad. And that our society is mean and double faced. And well pretty much everyone is ****ed up.
There are ways to perceive this. It won't be something new to say that we make a part of this all and we ,as much as anyone else, do influence and contribute to the general behavior of society as a whole. Or we justify ourselves in our own way and choose to judge the rest. Or merely agree and move on. But somewhere, we need to stop and think where we, as an individual , are heading. How much have we gotten to know and more importantly, assessed ourselves. It takes guts to admit one's faults. Really it does. Its like sometimes you argue just for the sake of proving yourself right even though somewhere, you secretly concede to the point being said. Thats called being a self righteous jerk. But, If there is a road to improvement(and there should be, shouldn't it?), its acceptance and then working on it.
The person one is usually the most concerned about, is oneself. And that is the most important existence on planet we need to be true to. Foremost. We can console ourselves and justify ourselves that we be the perfect people around. And not take a moment to judge others. That is, but natural. That is, but not right.
We ,the self righteous lot, are very “calculated” and “wise”. Not so naïve to suddenly weave bonds of trust. But cautious not to divulge one's secrets or true thoughts. Weave a facade around ourselves of perfection and originality. Be the best person there is. Oh and also the impression of ourselves that we get philosophy. And are leading Aristotles ourselves. We are all powerful orators really. And morally sound too. Despite the stark contrast in whatever we say or do..
I guess no one likes to think too much because its such a waste of time when we can listen to some uber cool songs and sing along the lyrics and stuff. Or stalk people and extract some “oohs” and “aahs”. Or well, the usual other day to day activities. We all do that. But, we also think. Somewhere, at the back of our mind, we all are trying to get things to make sense. Trying to perceive them right. Grasp them like some formulae. We also form opinions and hone our thoughts and beliefs “our” way. One which is limited and biased. We learn too. Not too sure how flexible any of us is, but well we do pick up something along as we roll on. And typical of us, we live life the same olé way- learning , regretting, ups and downs, forging things, actually being honest at times and a lot more.
Its hard to not be influenced by people around us. Sometimes we cave in to peer pressure and try imitating just to be “accepted”. We all have a different story, right? But then, how to demarcate between what is right and what we do ,blinded by self righteousness, and justifying ourselves easily? There are different ways for everything but truth is universal, no? Why ought there be any difference? Either we twist facts so much so as to fit our definition of truth or well, we need to admit our flaws and work on ourselves.
Passing judgments is quick. Assessing oneself is oh well something outrageously wrong.
Its really all about getting back to basics and strengthening them before working onto deeper stuff. It may be enjoyable at a point to stand and have a laugh at someone, but really what makes you think you are not being laughed at? Or that some supremacy eludes you from the rest? The first person to point a finger at, is yourself. We know it. But practical application is severely limited to the point of complete absence.
Oft discussed this maybe, do give it a thought where are we heading to. Its not like we know our destiny already. We do have the power of choice. It may all be pre-written, but you don't see that written part when you decide on something, do you? So, make an effort. Do think positive. Do think about helping someone or being nice. Yes, its true that at times you need to show people they are wrong. BUT let yourself be shown too where you are going wrong. Years from now your priorities will change. And obviously all will head for a greater dispersion. And seemingly the stuff which seems so interesting at the moment, will be but a thing of past. So set your priorities right. The first one being what type of a person you are becoming and if that really is how you want yourself to be.
Imagine yourself walking a long, straight path. Crumpled leaves beneath for a dramatic, lonely effect? Imagination really. So, somewhere, when you are focusing on those thoughts at the back of your head and not paying heed to the chorus the singer has broken into, imagine yourself there and think. No one's perfect but we can always try. Just trying to be honest. Not to fake it or pose. We do. Every small thing so much so that it becomes our reality. And we don't really ever bother when the transition takes place or that are we even right? Small actions do show a lot about our perfect selves though. Here is a tiny example. Most of us use the government's laptops. Few are confident enough to carry it in that bag with those bright yellow words sewn on top about our CM. That, of course, couldn't be removed like the one printed on the laptop's front. I covered that with a Kemcolian sticker I promoted around for KAPS.
Talk about originality...



  1. Fatima, first of all , WOW !
    each and every word has a root so deep and truth so painful that i am speechless.
    now that you have given me a lot to think about and a huge assignment to do on my self, i have to admit, i don't carry that CM wala bag myself. "Talk about originality"

  2. Maybe, in our perception, people are bad or our society is mean and double faced - but let’s remember we are part of the same society. Yet we tend to fake it through our irresponsible attitude. We love to save our precious time for some other selfish ends and stay away from time-consuming recipes utilizable for self re-positioning to remedy our mis-perceptions.
    Blaming others and saving our skin is the very norm- but it’s a sad reality.
    Both, positive thinking and the positive attitude are the key factors in keeping us on track.
    Better stop blaming others unethically.
    Self respect/self esteem is baseless unless erected on the concrete foundation of originalism.

  3. well I guess in the end it is still all about:
    Being the change you want to see in the world.
    I see what you mean. We are more keen to accept the delusion of having the whole big complete picture in which the main role (just like in movies) is always right.. he's the hero... n everything against him is merely a villain.. n ironically.. the same goes for villain in his perspective. he's his own hero...
    I guess we should really take a break from the "according-to-my-point-of-view" and actually give a shot to "imagining-yourself-in-other's-shoes"....

  4. *Smiles in an evil and conniving manner*
    I know the story behind this one ;)
    Ab ghussa thook do , account activate karlo baby.

  5. Flowing so easily over ths..its hard to realize the degree of growing up thts done to be able tp write it down. We all make mistakes nd all of us at one point or another hurt some1.. bt intentions are always pure..always.. selffish is jst as pure as selfless.. we can just let go..forgive..forget and move on.. bcze we too however selfless we may b now were selfish and our past..
    Lessons.. we shld keep thm..jott thm down thy shld stay..thy guide us..and give us tht room fr improvemnt..
    Quotng kelly clarkson bcze shes right..what doesnt kill u makes u stronger.. b strong and hold on to faith.
    P.s u write epic womaan!