No girls and i am loosing my teens

Saturday, December 29, 2012 Muhammad Farhan Ashraf 2 Comments Category :

"I ve written this poem in response of a challenge from my friend Ibrahim...i hope u ll enjoy it.. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious...This is meant for Educational purposes only... Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental :p"

so here we go...

Oh God! No girls and i am loosing my teens
Ravenous for "the hot shot" since my eighteen's
I wore a suit and some gaudy looking jeans
In pursuit of adulation from my dream's queen

I m so shy........i don't know why
Even "ibi" has a gf so i have to try
I gotta get a girl before Feb 10th
All i need is a smidgen of strength

The girls in my class are all too fat or lean
Still they envisage themselves as beauty queens
Of loving beauty they all float with grace
If only they could just hide their face

Well i ll make a few exceptions,
I cant break hearts
Some are really cute
And a few  really smart

It happened just once
I endeavored  to win a heart
With my eyes wide shut
In dark i threw the dart

Its a few days back
That i saw this gorgeous girl
Disguised as a dewdrop
In those red rose's whorl

Her waving brown hair
Oh God!! Those curls
I felt like "Jack sparrow"
And reckoned her as my "pearl"

As i approached her stumbling
My heart skipped a beat
I breathed some air
And tried to sound neat

I said............Oh!!!  the princess of my dreams
If other girls are milk,then you are the cream

Roses are red,
 violets are blue,
 sugar is sweet,
 and so are you.

She replied....Oh!! my boy
Kind, intelligent, loving, and hot
This describes everything that you are not

 Your roses are wilting,
Your violets are dead,
 the sugar bowl's empty,
 and so is your head.

With pain in my heart, tears in my eyes
(damn, I'm so good at telling lies )
My feelings for her,no words can tell
Except for the may be....."Go to hell"

Being single now
seems my fate
I am the only one left
Without a soul mate

My friends brainstorm me
Like they really care
But none of them is single
And this is not FAIR




  1. Hey i have girlfriend?..tell me more abt hr...whats she like? her hair?expressions? eyes? Talkative? Sweet? Or how abt v dig into deep details like whats her name?....:-P