Naamoos e Risalat walk and Kemcolians' perspective on blasphemy

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Naamoos e Risalat walk and 

Kemcolians' perspective on blasphemy

 Written by Faiza Ali Kamboh 
(2nd year AHS )

Muhammad ki mohabbat deen-e-Haq ke shart-e- awal hai
Isi main ho agr khami to Eman naa mukammal hai
The people all over the world who read and believe in
are the Muslims...and they are called Ummat-e-MUHAMMADI.
Love for our Religion and Prophet is part of our Eman!!!

“INNOCENCE OF MUSLIMS”is the movie that shocked and shattered the Muslim world. One can tolerate many things but no one can tolerate anything against his/her religion.I was born muslim,to love MUHAMMAD salla la hu alihw wasallam is in my blood..After the promo of movie on youtube, Muslims started protest all over the world. And in many countries its promo was banned but it was not banned in pakistan.i was surprised,no one from Govt of Islamic republic Pakistan said a word for it,newspapers were filled with routine politics and crime news,TV channels were showing same old glamorous stories but only mobile phones were showing that something has happened in the world which is going to test our EMAN..the sunday Evening,I received a text by one of my seniors showing call for protest in Patiala ground at 10:00am on Monday.
the next morning, students gathered in patiala block.protest started with the name of Allah..hafiz mazher furqan(final year Mbbs) invited Muhammad sufyan for recitation of Holy Qoran..after that,Hafiza Samra Saleem(4th year A.H.S) was called upon for naat..
Hafiz Mazher Furqan told the hadees..there are three degrees of eman,“Whoever among you sees an evil action, let him change it with his hand (by taking action); if he cannot, then with his tongue (by speaking out); and if he cannot, then with his heart (by hating it and feeling it is wrong), and that is the weakest of faith.” and now it is time to show our Eman and our love for our PROPHET PBUH.
He callled Qasim Omer(final year mbbs) on the stage..he said''we are suffering from these situations because of our own deeds .Wee have left Quran pak and Sunnah.. Rasool Pak S.A.W.S forgave every person except the one who disrespected Him and ordered to kill them even if they were holding Kabba's cover..he gave the examples from history that the punishment of the “gustakh-e-Rasool”is only to kill him.he said we need the spirit of Ghazi Ilm Din shaheed and Amir cheema shaheed.Now Jihaad bil qalm,jihal bil lisan and jihad with power is duty of every Muslim around the globe..there are 558 ayats about jihad in Quran. you can criticise taliban,jamat u dawa and lashkir e taiba but u cant deny 558 ayahs of Quran.

After marvellous words from \Qasim Omer, Ayesha Noreen(4th year A.H.S)was called upon the stage..she said that non muslims are doing this because we are silent in the response..Anyone can make cartoons and fun of Him,we are silent .because we have become senseless. Hazoor pak SAW calld Ummati ,Ummati till His last breath.and what we are giving Him in return???? she explained that according to the constitution of every country no one can hurt any body's religious emotions..then why the muslims are always being hurt???we cant bear this disrespect of our Prophet..
After Ayesha,last speaker Ahmed Bilal came forward,he gave the reason behind such acts of non beleivers.he said that they want to know that either Muslims have some flame of Eman in them or not. while using our technology and their way of living.he said if we are not on the highest degree of Eman ALHMDULILLAH we are not on the last degree of eman,and today's protest is its example.

He said in 2005,they make cartoons of Prophet SAW we protested peacefully.
in 2008,they announced to burn Quran,we protested peacefully
in 2010,they organized a competition of making cartoons of Prophet,we protested peacefully
they prisoned our sister Dr.Afia siddiuqi ,we protested peacefully
and now they disrespected our Prophet and they are demanding same thing from us..
now its enough,we will not only reach American embassy but we will also reach white cant humiliate a great strength of the world like this...
we have to wake up now and do something practical for the love of our Prophet SAWS.
He quouted ''lato k bhoot bato se ni manty'' and they wont understand without solid steps. we would have to tell them how much we have love for our Prophet S.A.W.S
Muhammad Sufyan(4th year mbbs) came forward and recited Darood o Salam to Hazoor Pak SAWS.
Ahmed Bilal was called upon for dua..he prayed that may Allah bless us with highest degree of eman.may Allah give us the courage to teach them the end of this session,there was a walk from patiala block to the M.S office.students were holding play cards.Voices raising from the crowd were Allah hu akber,YA Rasoollulah and ghulam hain ghulam hain rasool k ghulam hain.crowd demanded to hang Terry Jones..
from the m.s office back to anatomy gate walk was ended..
I has studied a translation of ayat from Quran Pak.
''We are enough for you against the mockers''(al hijr)
bt as a muslim and His ummati it is our duty to stand up against this shameful act.
,i remembered a hadees..
 The Prophet said "None of you will have faith till he loves me more than his father, his children and all mankind." 
na kat maru jb tak me khaja yasrub ke hurmat per
khuda shahid hai kamil mera eman ho ni skta

Walk ended but the question is
why only the Muslims are being made fun repeatedly????
why the so called super powers and judges of the world cant see this disgrace of humanity??????
did Muslims ever tried to make fun of any religion???????
why the so called ''alam brdar'' of human rights understand that they hurt the biggest population of the world????????



  1. Beautifully written. am happy at-least there is someone paying attention to it.

  2. superb.. well done faiza. a very good effort.. :)

  3. Abdullah Hammad MalikOctober 12, 2012 at 11:01 PM

    nice words faiza.. well said