The Wakeup Call

Monday, July 23, 2012 Anosha 1 Comments Category :

Hush reality, step softly... My heart dreams of peace, it slumbers deep to flee from thy brutality....

All the charms and accompanying allures may only shine so bright as to blur your vision of the bitter facts hidden beneath. They come with a pretty mask but all it takes is one scratch to see the monster lurking beneath.

We live in a materialistic world and everything comes with an expiry date, as soon as it’s reached … all that you once so preciously kept is now good enough to be thrown out the window! It’s like every smile; every reason to rejoice is more of a time bomb ticking away… As soon as the time runs out, your world of hopes, expectations and petty dreams will meet its fall, leaving you with nothing but smithereens and; a condolence in form of “wake up call”…

All these thoughts flowing in, as birds gliding; all these hopes ascending like eagles soaring … alas, unaware of the ruthless nature of gravity... it can only tolerate your ascent to such a height before it pulls you back down, the fact being the larger you are, the more it would hurt…

Musingly enough, the Divine One crafted life to be like a bouncing ball with invincible inertia… Resistance and gravity seem equally futile…. It would take you up to the climax, where your ecstasy knows no bounds…. but after a moment or so, too brief which often seems…. an unforeseen downfall is to follow, with everything you ever believed in, also coming tumbling down.

And each time I fell, my heart cried out loud with my soul seeming to shed brine as well… and I’d wonder why…. why He chose this turbulence to be the mode of my life? Was he just breaking my down so he could build me back up again… was he letting things fall apart so better may fall together? Or was I the stallion that must be broken down before it’s built up? For they say

A heart can only be unsealed after it’s broken….

I don’t know… I can’t say for sure… I am still learning, I am still growing, I am still evolving and I am ignorant! But after all the ups and downs, all the expectations shattered, all the hopes demised, all the dreams unrealized, all the secrets unveiled and when all former glory to misery came… I realized that despite all my efforts to forget Him, He never left my side. Despite all opportunities wasted to please Him, He never let me down… When I failed to acknowledge Him beside me, He still never abandoned me.. All the trials and tribulations though not as harsh as those of many others.. I came to know that He will always be there for me… I repeatedly fail Him but He never failed me… All the crap life has put me… has put us through, it has only been just a wakeup call to make us realize the one always masked truth…

So can you open your eyes yet? Or is your slumber just too deep???



  1. true thoughts, I would say... nice