Education and Us

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By Anam Asad
     Of 4th yr

   I am completely let down after listening to one thing and one thing again by our rulers, ‘We will make everyone educated in Pakistan.’ Parties use this slogan to create a place in people’s hearts. Rather, this is a slogan to get more votes or a key for a political seat. Every government promises to make education cheap and available for everyone. I appreciate their efforts. They have made education accessible but not to an impressive level. Our educational infrastructure was never built on a slid basis. We would always have two types of educational systems: The Mama Papa system meant for the upper class and the Taat system for the lesser-privileged classes. Even though the government claims good education standards in government schools, we have yet to see a government official who would choose the same for his own children. The authorities say that they have equalized the public sector institutions with the private sector ones, but there is and perhaps always would be a gap between the two. I have seen a lot of cases where people from govt. schools fail to get through due to their shyness and inability to fluently speak in English despite having good scores and LORs.
Indeed there are a lot of things that matter besides a good educational record. In today’s competent and advanced life style, efforts are required to upgrade the standard of government-school education and to diminish the barrier between upper and lower classes.