What I would do ...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012 Amna Khalil 6 Comments Category :

What I would do…

You tell me you would go to the beach with me, walk with me across the shore and talk to me all night.
You wait for me to smile at the prospect.
Instead I wonder if I would ever be that mundane with you?
I would make a moustache on your face with foam and drizzle chocolate sauce on your hair and scoop out your kind, kind eyes and put in M&Ms instead.
I would carve out pumpkin look-alikes of you and hang them from the ceiling and dance to Soley underneath them.

I would force myself in your dreams each night and possess you wholly. Then I would never let you wake up.

I would hit you with a pillow and bruise you and then make you burnt pan cakes to cheer you up.

I would buy you goldfish in plastic bags and put them in lemonade instead of water.

I’m sure the fish would still survive, how hard could breathing in lemonade possibly be?
Then I would convince you that liquid out of plastic bags tastes amazing.

I would make you teach me how to play soccer and be rudely offensive about Barca just to annoy you. I would catch you in the fishnet that you have put up as a goal and carry it to a giant spider web and leave you there entangled in net and white strings.

I would spray paint your car and set it on fire. Then we’d rejoice in the flames.

I would go scuba-diving with you and your body would dissolve in the sea , letting the fish you drank free , leaving behind the disheveled hair and the awestruck expression you wear so well.

I would be the monkey on the neem ka darakhat outside your window.
I would sneak in stealthily one night and watch your chest move while you sleep. I’ll stab you when your expression is most serene, straight in the heart and then watch you die.
I will drag your body out the window and make it float in the river.
A perfectly hushed up romance it would be, ending with you drifting away in the waters at dawn.
The secret of my insanity would be carried away in the blue.

Then I would sit by your grave all my life.



  1. Crazy, eerie, bizzare , unique, appreciable!

  2. Amna K...
    I would rather not say anything more
    (Y) (Y)
    it was fun skimming through it...
    amazing... its so sharp and clever... keep it up with your uniqueness...

  3. weird and bizarre...
    a unique amalgam
    u must be crazy...:P

  4. Umm. Wow. Reminds me of one of those riddles that psychologists ask to see if the lover is really in love or not. And apparently, if the person says that shed rather have the beau in a cage with tiger in it than have him in a cage with a pretty lady, then she is a true lover.
    And this was a fun read. Just got scared at the last part. Sorry, my nerves have always been on the edge :P

  5. This is BRILLIANT ! The perfect romance !
    P.S. Get your brain checked! Too much violence resides there !