To Err is Human!

Sunday, May 06, 2012 Mydah Tariq 2 Comments Category :

We don’t. Or maybe we can’t. Or perhaps we’re too high and mighty: to accept that we did commit a mistake. Look around you, but better still, look within yourself. Isn’t it scant, taking that step and bravely acknowledging where you wronged? After all, to err is human. And undoubtedly, each human action is fraught with defects. But despite this knowledge being common enough, we choose to keep our nose up high and pretend we aren’t amongst the flawed ones. We are those whose decisions in life, the choices we make our better than of those around us. Our opinions are the most sound of all, everybody should heed by them and realize that we, only we, can justify our actions. There’s simply no reason anybody should raise that finger at us because we’ll just chalk out the many ways they’re wrong in believing that we faltered somewhere. Yes, there’s a justification to everything what we do, so how could there arise a possibility of getting it wrong, in any manner of speaking?

Fact is, we’re gripped by our egos. Every person out there is struggling to make an impact in whatever way possible. Each individual has their weaknesses. Accepting those weaknesses and clothing themselves in perhaps the humiliation they apprehend, they rather fight to control their world and blatantly prove themselves as those who’re on the right way. A justification is always ready and prepared. The priority here is protecting one’s dignity, not letting it thwarted by bowing down and acknowledging that of course, I blundered somewhere and am ready to make amends. Yes, I erred, so what’s the big deal! Its not like its end of the world! No, it ain’t that easy. Our strong belief in our reason sometimes occludes our power to see, visualize the situation from afar.

Somewhere, fear plays a role too. Afraid that we shall become a laughing-stock, or would be mocked at, we choose to become defiant and defensive, or worse yet, mop it up with lies. We cannot muster the courage to be held accountable for our deeds even though accountability is among the basic beliefs of our religion. No, the fear of the consequences is too intimidating to be faced up-front. The easier way is to hide, behind defense and offense, fibs and fabrications.

So, the conclusion: Be honest, with others, with yourself. It saves loads, trust me. And also, be humble. The blow you may initially receive for that is worth it. You’ll be spared from a chain of lies. You won’t be ashamed of yourself because that amount of courage, accepting the slip you just made, is huge. Not everyone can do it. And that’s what makes it special.



  1. Very affirmative. but i wish we, Shameless people ponder on this catastrophic situation and renovate ourselves.

  2. Its difficult, but its not impossible!