The Summers Damnation

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The Summers Damnation
Its not that I hate summers. In fact, change is a constant thats always welcoming. Thus the temperature shift from freezing nights to something all sunny and warm is rather welcoming. But (there's always a but) only initially. As it stretches on (and on and on..) it starts to become a teensy bit annoying. Here are a few reasons why I despise the weather:-

  • The shedding of some huge load:
    as if this needs an explanation. Come summers and the electrons in the wirings of your house just take a break since they are not provided with the required electromotive force(if my physics concepts are still intact) for a period of few hours to many. Taken into consideration of course the comfort of people. First lecture in university and the fans are static. Entering home, they are static still. Take me now God! Take me now!
  • Blistering atmosphere:
    so I wont start like how we used to write in those baarish wale Urdu essays of ours involving the people to animals to the trees, leaves, flowers. But needless to stay all are in a pathetic state. The sun shines cruelly with all its might and I can actually feel that mirage wavy sorta heat patterns in air. The air is hot as ever and hits your face like a blow dryer. Ouch.
  • Sweat & the accompanying odor:
    a very important consequence of the rising mercury. A very annoying one too. Beads of sweat on palms, face and all over body. And that makes the clothes drip wet and stick to the body making it all the more unbearable. Even the 24 hour deodorant guarantee cant even beat the wet salt the tiny dots on our skin excrete and some unfavorable stimulus manages to reach our nostrils. I blame the weather people. I blame the weather.
  • Phylum (or class- sorry but I am through classification now :P) arthropoda and reptilia:
    one thing I dread about summers is the ending of hibernation of the reptiles and out come the wall lizards! *shivers * sorry if any lizard lover exists out there but the sight of these creatures just brews nothing but disgust in me. Also joining the club are the varieties of insects all crawling, creeping about. Nightmare.
  • The “Tan” effect:
    it doesn't make angels fall from the skies but surely manages to make our complexion go like a fair and lovely advertisement in reverse. There's also the color paradox in various body parts e.g the stripes of my friend's chap-pal are well designed on her foot as well. The area being fairer than the rest of her foot. Even the sunblocks don't work that efficiently to beat the heat and we end up a lot many shades tanner than we were at the beginning of the season.
  • Traffic in the city:
    No vacations yet so still have to make way to college through mounds of cars, buses, chingchis and rickshaws. The burning heat leaves all the drivers in some irritation as well as complete loss of traffic sense. Everyone is in a hurry to get to their destinations fast and get the sun and heat off their backs for a while. The smoke, blaring horns, sizzling heat, tangentially hitting sun's rays- ah. Bliss.
  • Boredom:
    well this obviously depends on the kind of person you are but outdoor activities are markedly reduced. Not that I play tennis everyday or anything but the weather is so intolerable no one actually wants to leave their shelters. There's this dullness in the evenings as the heat drains all the energy with it and all we wanna do is fall on our beds/sofas/couches and adjust the AC at 18 degree C

    I might have missed out some significant points
    - my mind fails to think of any at the moment. Summers surely have a big thumbs up with the king of fruits that it brings along and I stand at peace with its lovers but with the increasing intensity of the things mentioned above I am irked by this season. Just a teensy bit though..



  1. Good one Fatima! I enjoyed reading it :) The PATHOS! OUCH! ;)

  2. Very nice fatima..!:)

  3. nice fati :)

  4. really gud. enjoyd readng it. keep it up.
    ( by mishaal tariq ).

  5. Perfect balance of wit and reality , as I'd expect from u Fatima :)

  6. great
    ask me fatima why i hate summers!!

  7. Good one :) n lizards ughh only a psycho can harbour any tender feelings for them trust me....most hideous aspect of summer