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___FAITH __

                                                                                            Written By Anosha Anwar, 1st year

When all it takes is a fraction of second to smash all your hopes and aspirations to smithereens,  managing to disintegrate all your efforts into a fist full of dust …. when just a slight error can demolish what you constructed after endless endeavours , when just a slip of tongue can ruin relationships you value beyond your words can express…
One simple revelation can make your paradigms shift radically and in just a matter of seconds your sense of reality gets shaken up and your frame of reference regarding the truth gets warped up beyond recognition.

 And you end up considering the uncanny possibiltiy of your perceptions having been derived from mere deceptions…

At that point what remains the truth behind our beliefs? What remains the significance of all our endeavours? What  is the reality behind, all our time that is now past, all our efforts which are now lost…

 In such crisis and a state of paranoia, making you go nuts ,what makes you still go on? Linger on? Survive?

It is a shred of hope that when all has failed, your faith will not let you down. It is only the concept of a silver lining that fuels our miserable, wrecked souls to pave their path when even the sense of direction is lost! To rekindle our distraught spirits , lift us from our knees to heights unimagined.
 Only faith is your true companion , standing by you through thick and thin, by your side always!
It never abandons you and the same goes for doubt… for doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is its twin brother… So have faith and take a chance on doubt, considering them, not as antagonists, but as synergists working together to enable you to take the next turn.



  1. faith is the driving force...true that anosha :) well written