Who Work For Their People Not For Their Name

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By Syed Asad (2nd Year MBBS)

  A soldier, standing on the border, aware of the thing that a bullet from his enemy can take his life away and can make his family alone in this cruel world. Even after winning a war against his enemy, a colonel has tears in his eyes and says that my men died and I did not. Who know these soldiers? Who know many people like these who live for their nation, work for their people and die for their country? Well, these people don’t work for their names, not for their fames, not for their publicity and not for their photos to be pasted in newspaper or in front of the world. These people work to create a world where everyone cares for every other one. Where people feel one another and love one another. Where people understand the situation and handle it gently not to disgrace anybody and not to highlight their ownselves but just for the betterment of the things. Who see the positive aspect of nature and fight with the difficulties in their way. Who do all these not for their personal interests but for the peace of their souls because they believe that human beings are created for the service of their fellows, their people and their Country. They work together for the betterment of their society and for their nation. But all these they do with strong faith, determined personalities and broad vision. They live with the aim to make a society where people are not judged by their ranks in this world but are dealt with affection. They don’t want any publicity, any status or any rank. What all they want is a world where people live like humans, not like aliens.
         It is important for one to understand his ownself before judging anybody else because it is not easy to understand others in one's own ground.