A thought on Vanity

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Just sharing a thought by Paulo Coelho, considering how many of us would have run and what would have our reason been??? Who would have yielded to fear, and who to vanity?

A group of monks from the monastery of Sceta – among them the great Abbot Nicerius – were walking in the Egyptian desert when a lion appeared before them.
Terrified, they all began to run.
Years later, when Nicerius was on his death bed, one of the monks remarked:
“Abbot, do you remember the day we met the lion? That was the only time I saw you afraid.”
“But I was not afraid of the lion.”
“Then why did you run like all the rest of us?”
“I thought it better to run away from a lion one afternoon than to spend the rest of my life running away from vanity.”



  1. thats one good diplomatic xplaination .....;)

  2. mudallil hoshyaari... :)