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By Hammad Shafi (1st Year)

There came a time
When i committed a crime
Crime of being what we are
Crime of seeing what we are.
Particles of dust
Nothing...but lust.
Amorphous wisps of smoke
And twigs of trees that broke.
Figures of ambiguity
Dreamers without satiety
No signs of chastity
Just shrines of piety.
Devoid of fraternity
Blind of morality.
Hollow Hollow Hollow
Got a guide, but who'd follow!
Dark Black Senseless hearts
Minds full of deceiving arts...
I shuddered
Shuddered and pondered
Pondered and wondered...
We, indeed, are going
Without even knowing
On the path to hell...
Where we'll ultimately dwell.
Awe stroke my heart
Pain began to start
Tears filled my eyes..
There were cries and sighs..
And a prayer.
O GOD forgive us everyone,
for we're broken people with aims undone..
To the path of whom thee bestowed upon, guide us,
From the path of those who earned thy wrath, save us.
O Lord, Save us..