Mother, I promise!

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(A farewell tribute to G.C.U.)

 By Syed Ahmad Raza
       Of 1st yr.

The sun steals a look through the borders of the far off mountains as if hesitant to rise this morning. It knows that its unveiling shall commence a system of relations- some flourishing, some diminishing. A portion of its radiation seeps through one of the windows of one of the houses, where a mother lies asleep on the hard floor; a floor hard enough not to allow her enjoy a sound sleep. The expectations of her rescue from the danger of negligence lie in the hardness of that floor. In fact, she has never aspired for a sound sleep ever since she has become a mother. But today is a special day. Her son is to leave for the final examination.

Naturally, the professed slumber of the responsible mother is terminated by the dawn, which she seems to have been waiting for since the last night. If a camera were to capture her expressions during her brief nap without her knowing it, it would certainly reveal her desirous and worried gestures indicating a sense of responsibility even in her dreams.

The son, on the other hand, relishes a sound beauty sleep on a soft, velvety mattress. He has been bestowed with this luxury by her mother. His carefree sleep is one of the evidences of his being nourished and supervised by a supportive hand that is, and can only be, of his mother.

The mother endeavors to open her tired, not-yet-refreshed eyes as a result of the incident ray of light. Her eyes seem to betray her plan. They tend to shut again, naturally; but, the force of determination induces in her a courage that dominates lethargy. She, unconsciously, takes a plunge and stabilizes herself in a position in which she seems to embrace the bent legs and her chin lying in a shallow depression between the knees. Thinking… The day of her son had finally arrived and just started. The hours, during which she owes the best of her clemency and counseling-remarks to his son, had already begun.

Shunning any non-productive pursuit, she stands up to awaken her beloved son and does so in the finest of manners as to avoid even a single unwanted moment that could affect her son’s performance in today’s examination, a test that would prove a turning point in his life. However, the mother succeeds in maintaining her poise. After freshening her son, she provides him with the nurturing breakfast from the sumptuous cuisine, for which she had toiled. As the son continues delighting in the edibles, the mother, sitting right in front of him, stares at his face with bright eyes as if willing to caress his abstract innocence or take him in her arms, passionately; for this was the last chance of their greeting each other.

Prior to departure, the mother furnishes her son with the essential articles and leaning on the knees, she comes closer to her son and gives few pieces of advice… some concluding words…some ending gestures… a final look…an encouraging conversation…combing his hair… combing it again and again, without any further need of it…a finishing touch…some good wishes…an ultimate hug.

The perception of the son visualizes the whole phenomenon as a mounting-up of expectations… and manifold hopes. He starts forming a clearer idea in his mind that he has not just been burdened by the pile of expectancies by his mother; he has also been endowed with the qualities and caliber needed to fulfill them. His mother has gifted him with such a treasure that, when sensibly utilized, would bring enlightenment, everywhere. He resolves to remember the hand of her mother carrying the beacon, which symbolized purposeful advancement in life. He, abruptly, shifts all his intentions to action, replying, “Mother! I promise…”



  1. a very nice piece! keep writing!
    "purposeful advancement in life"...very focussed,aren't u? :)

  2. beautiful and engaging till the end, great! :)

  3. He starts forming a clearer idea in his mind that he has not just been burdened by the pile of expectancies by his mother; he has also been endowed with the qualities and caliber needed to fulfill them <--- The best part ! :)

  4. Simply beautiful...the emotions have been captured too well...well done syed ahmad raza..!