A mere moniker

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By Sheikh Raza Shahzad (1st Year MBBS)

Sometimes our circumstances pester us to the point of thoughtfully musing the perpetual absentia of someone whose departure made our then complete lives, incomplete. So much so that you wake up in the middle of the night to yourself only to question the frailty of your own temporary being. Had it been for an elixir of life at our disposal confirming our longevity, we would have been basking in eternal glory.
Reality bites. Or so they tell me. The grave realization of hurling the first and final adieu to this world makes your heart do a back-flip. Your senses go haywire come the prospect of death. Brooding over the gargantuan sum of money your pockets jangle with going down the drain sends icy shivers down your spine. Letting go of all the relationships you share leaves you misty-eyed. The list is by no means exhaustive.  A plethora of questions inundates your mind but to no avail. For once in your life you yearn to time travel into the past if only it were a possibility. Remorse takes over reducing you into spectacles of tears out of redemption. The wisps of gray sprouting over your head further reinforce your imminence about death. However cause celebre you may be, it only takes a split second to turn you into Mr. Nobody. But it is during that mayhem when you see the silver lining: the inevitability of your flimsiness dawns upon you and your presence today equates to gratitude. Surely God deserves a tit for tat for not making your lungs covet for oxygen. The sand is still oozing down the hourglass and you have few breaths remaining to clutch onto.
Unfortunately, to commute the longest journey of our lives only to end up vanishing in thin air is not something we want to but we have to. Life to me, seems like a pendulum swinging between hope and despair. I can bet my reputation that the gravity is an awful lot less as one moves towards the rueful days of his life. No wonder time snails by during the nadir point of one's life while it scampers away during the ultimate high. T=2*pi*sqrt(l/g) for the mathematicians out there. Go figure out the symbols yourself.
Given the experience you have managed to muster all those years, you start over afresh even in the most fragile juncture of your life. Cleansing off every trace of sorrow from your angst-stricken face, you wear a smile- too profound a curve that your lips sport to melt the hearts of many. Alas! The tale of woes and wows meets a gridlock. And this time around you have tessellated the final jigsaw piece in its place.

 Cutthroat death!