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By Sidrah Latif 4th Year
and Farkhanda Qaiser 3rd Year

For the first time ever, the KELS blog, KELLOGS ( and
the annual magazine of KEMU, KEMCOL
will be collaborating to ensure that the literary talent of KE is well recognized not only by the kemcolians but also all over the world. So, all you budding writers out there, gear up and let your creative juices flow.

Whether you write a beautifully worded and brilliantly styled short story or an elegantly expressed poem....
Whether it's a tale of two cities or an almost heaven creation...
Whether it's an ode to physiology or a humbugging psychology..

In short, whatever you write, it's bound to be published and acknowledged. So what are you waiting for, pick up your pens (or start typing on the 'Shahbaz Sharif' laptops) and write away...

And now moving on to a bit of background about this venture. KELLOGS was the first ever blog of KEMU that was created in the year 2009 by the then Illustrious KELS President, Awais Aftab. The purpose was to draw out the hidden talent of kemcolians and give them a platform to grow as writers. Since then, there has been no looking back and year in year out, we have been witnessing growing popularity of this mode of literature. However this year, we plan to take KELLOGS to new heights. We are making it more of a magazine with weekly features like our very own kemcolian counselor Agony Aunt; gossips and events of KEMU in Page 3; horoscopes and alot more. At the same time, we invite you to send in articles about any topic under the sun whether it be politcal or social, fiction or non-fiction, book reviews or poems...ANYTHING AT ALL...! Just send them to

So this is where KEMCOL comes in. Every year, KEMCOL receives countless entries yet due to shortage of space, some of them are sent to the waste basket but not anymore...Now KELLOGS is willing to share KEMCOL's burden and will publish the good entries that deserve to see the light of the day. Which I'm sure, most of them are...!

Every entry sent to kemcol editors is unique in taste and spice. It becomes very difficult for us to do the final selection. And let me hearby clear it that the selection is based purely upon merit and not the prevalent notion that connections with the eds helps you sweep a place. But eds sometimes have to be very brutally cruel *hehe*, and select some and throw away some, albeit with a very heavy heart. So when kellogs approached us with an alternate to the vicious act, we were more than happy to indulge! What a workable plan, that the articles, stories, poems, fillers etc which do not make it to black and white in kemcol be made www on kellogs! It is a win-win situation this way for all writers this year. Either you get a position in kemcol, or you will go global on kellogs. Ultimately you will be your class's "printed hero" :P! So what ya waitin' for dearie? Grab what you have in mind and force it on paper or embed in mail. We are waiting for you!
The kemcol ID is