Perturbed Elysium

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By Anam Tassadaq
     Of 4th yr.

   Dystrophy has struck our country.  The recent twain of decades has pulled down Pakistan into a crippling quagmire; a morass of political hangover, ebbing economy, beauracratic tyranny, terrorism, et al. The manacle of unemployment and backbreaking inflation is exhausting and killing the masses. The bloodbath in Karachi, exponentially burgeoning prices of the ‘Roti, kupra aur makaan’, and the unnerving load shedding are vivid exemplifications of the apathy of the Government over the tribulations of its people. Pakistan, ravaged by the scourge of corruption is being snuffed out brick by brick.
                Pakistan entered an unending enmity with its  neighbor the day the Indian subcontinent spawned the two democracies. This blood feud has only worsened the existing state of affairs. The alien dictations and the foreign hegemony, has altogether extirpated the subsistence of Pakistan as an independent, sovereign state. The frequent sacrilege of the state borders, the unwarranted drone attacks are indeed a portent of death for our autonomy.
              Pakistan has been a difficult country, to govern and to live in, since its inception. The past was toilsome, the present cataclysmal, but what actually spooks us all are the murky, saturnine dawns that lay ahead!
            An honest introspection indicates that people like us, sloth and indolent, deserve masters like ours, blind and deaf. We badly  need to develop an acute insight to understand the weight of our role in ruining the present and determining the future of Pakistan, for what we now need is more than just a re-election, or an insurrection. For better or for worse, we as a nation and as an Islamic republic, are standing at the brink of a revolution and a total rejuvenation!



  1. Use of 21 nice words
    from per- "through" + turbare "disturb, confuse," fromturba "turmoil, crowd"
    2. Elysium
    from Gk. Elysion pedion "Elysian field," where heroes and the virtuous live after death, from a pre-Greek word of unknown origin
    3. quagmire
    from obsolete quag "bog, marsh" + mire. Extended sense of "difficult situation, inextricable position"
    4. morass
    from Du. moeras "marsh, fen," from M.Du. marasch, from O.Fr. marais "marsh," from Frankish, possibly from W.Gmc. *marisk, from P.Gmc. *mariskaz"like a lake," from *mari "sea."
    5. ebbing
    O.E. ebba "ebb, low tide," perhaps from P.Gmc. *abjon, from *ab-, from PIE root *apo- "off, away.The verb is O.E. ebbian.
    6. tyranny
    from O.Fr. tyrannie (13c.), from L.L. tyrannia "tyranny," from Gk. tyrannia "rule of a tyrant," from tyrannos "master"
    7. burgeoning
    from O.Fr. borjoner "to bud, sprout," from borjon "a bud, shoot, pimple,"
    8. vivid
    from L. vividus "spirited, animated, lively," from vivus "alive,". Sense of "strong, distinct" (as of memories, etc); that of "very active or intense"
    9. tribulations
    A cause of great trouble or suffering.
    10. feud

    fede "enmity, hatred, hostility," northern English and Scottish; from O.Fr. fede, from O.H.G. fehida "contention, quarrel, feud," Sense of "vendetta"
    11. hegemony
    from Gk. hegemonia "leadership, a leading the way, a going first;" also "the authority or sovereignty of one city-state over a number of others," as Athens in Attica, Thebes in Boeotia; from hegemon "leader," from hegeisthai "to lead," perhaps originally "to track down,
    12. extirpated
    from ex- "out" (see ex-) + stirps (gen. stirpis) "a root, stock of a tree."
    13. sacrilege
    from O.Fr. sacrilege (12c.), from L. sacrilegium "temple robbery," from sacrilegus "stealer of sacred things," from phrasesacrum legere "to steal sacred things," from sacrum "sacred object (from neuter sing. of sacer "sacred") + legere "take, pick up" (see lecture)
    14. portent
    from por- (variant of pro-) "forth, forward" + tendere "to stretch, extend
    15. toilsome
    from toil + -some. toil (13c.), from toiler "agitate, stir up, entangle,"
    16. cataclysm
    from L. cataclysmos, from Gk. kataklysmos "deluge, flood, inundation," from kata "down" + klyzein "to wash," from PIE *kleue- "to wash, clean"
    17. murky
    from murk + -y
    from O.N. myrkr "darkness," from myrkr "dark,"
    18. saturnine
    "gloomy, morose, sluggish, grave," mid-15c., lit. "born under the influence of the planet Saturn," from M.E. Saturne (see Saturn). Medieval physiology believed these characteristics to be caused by the astrological influence of the planet Saturn, which was the most remote from the Sun (in the limited knowledge of the times) and thus coldest and slowest in its revolution.
    19. sloth
    late 12c., "indolence, sluggishness," formed from M.E. slou, slowe ,slow

    20. indolent
    in- "not, opposite of, without" + dolentem "grieving" suffer pain.
    21. insurrection
    from in- "against," or perhaps merely intensive, + surgere "to rise"