When Humanity Had Forsaken The Streets Of Karachi....

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By Abdul Kamil Ghumman
     Of 2nd yr.

"I am  helpless".
"Please don’t fire!"
The sound of gun shots, followed by the screams of the helpless youth.
The cries of the youth as he begs to be taken to a hospital.His blood colours the ground beneath him.Gradually, the cries of pain turn to whimpers and then the deathly silence.This horrific scene was witnessed by the whole world when Army Rangers shot dead an unarmed youth, Sarfraz Shah.

Sarfraz had begged for his life, pleaded not to be shot at but to no effect.
The incident which was captured on video is such a heinous one that no sane person can watch it without having a chill run down his spine. The youth’s cries of pain tear at your heart and rattle your very soul. His pleads for mercy bring tears of sorrow to your eyes. One cannot even imagine the pain, the anguish, the state of helplessness, the youth had gone through before life finally seeped out of him and death came as the ultimate saviour.

Some may defend the army personnel in  question by saying that the deceased had just attempted a robbery.
But truly! Does it really justify the action taken by the Army Rangers? Does it justify the cold-blooded murder that they committed? Does it justify that a mother had been robbed off her son? No it does not! There is nothing in this world that can justify the horror that Sarfraz had to endure.
Lying there on the the road bleeding, surrounded by his cold-blooded murderers, death must have seemed more welcome.

Humanity had forsaken the streets of Karachi on that accursed day. The world didn't just witness the death of Sarfraz Shah that fateful day but witnessed the death of the whole humanity.
And his blood is on our hands. We must for the sake of humanity, raise our voices against this act of terror and hope that justice maybe served. Let us hope that Sarfraz Shah does not fall into the abyss of obscurity like the many before him.