Zinda Her Ik Cheez Hai Koshish-e-Na-tamaam Se

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By Sadaf Hafeez
    Of 3rd yr.

Those who wander in the search of perfection in their loyalty to their Lord ; who ,if somehow stagger or stumble over some aspects of life,stick to the enigma of "how could we have been so fickle,so disloyal??"
Such perfection-seekers are unconsciously considering themselves a god : infallible and impeccable,for a perfect steadfastness is a character of our Creator only.Humans steadfastness WILL wax and wane,it is apt to crumble before temptation.The critical point is when a human stands guilty and humiliated before his conscience;some decide they are too filthy to ask for mercy,others turn to Him with all their grime and slime and let His mercy decide the rest.

   That is how truth liberates us ; liberation from the self-created prison of want for idealistic perfection ; a perfection that doesn't even exist...atleast not in arena where human will and action unfold themselves.

   The nostalgia for perfection will encumber us from being even "good".Resignation before inherent limitations will save us from myriads of energy-sucking guilt and self-defeating attempts for a non-existent acme.

   Instinctive temptations & Idealized perfection ; Both tools of Iblees , the former for the weak and later for the strong ; both in-crippling and sloth-inducing. May Allah save us from tangles of such idealized perfection.



  1. AHHH!!! A post finally on kellogs!! Ooo you sure twist n turn the reader with this post (read: mushkil batain! ;p) interesting how you've called idealised perfection as in-cripping... lemme ponder over it a bit...

  2. Well it did required a second going-through for addition of references and simplification .But again thats what has been causing postponement of its publication until one day I thought Heck ! yar follow the essence of your writing and publish it as such :p I think there a quote to convey its essence : The 'best' if often the enemy of the ' good'...or was it... the other way round !? :p