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For once, she was sitting by the open window. Outside stood a tree not really that old and gnarled as she was used to seeing everywhere. This one was young, freshness exuding from its delicate, feathery, green tresses. Every now and then a gentle breeze stroked it softly, and the leaves would stir up restlessly as if they wished for concordance and peace but were unable to delve into it. Her innards mused at how uncannily her emotions were etched that clearly in front of her eyes. She was agitated within, a slight edginess that jolted persistently inside her. Her mind was questions abound- what? how? WHY? A string of queries with nobody to answer, except perhaps the mysterious workings of her own grey matter. She had lately become accustomed to a queer sense of connection and disconnection simultaneously; a need to love and detest at the same moment; a yearning to both stay still and hurtle through life. Paradoxical as it sounded, she believed that sanity yet existed within her for she never lost touch of reality. In fact, the struggle within and the complacence displayed outside aggravated that anguish a notch further.

Every now and then a breeze would whiff by and the upheaval would restart as fresh as before. Her search for stomping down on it and make it stop brought her up short. But maybe it was time to deal with a few truths. Perhaps she was always supposed to feel that way; the essence of that Life within her lay in igniting that occasional fire within her. The proof of her sanity lay in troubling herself with her personal quests, ruffling her confidence and finding the strength to overcome the obstacles they set out for her. It was not an easy task, but a task nevertheless it was, something she was pleasantly surprised to discover, had been accomplished innumerable times by her very own self. This, was just another of such times..

Her gaze once again drifted to the tree outside. The wind was still now. A smile stretched across her face; the leaves stood quiet and motionless. They had perhaps found their contentment- for now.



  1. Nice! Now where is this mysterious tree? :)

  2. Thank you :) And this tree actually exists ;)

  3. hello hellowwww mydeeee :D :D
    booootifooooollllll work mA :)
    vaise it was difficult for me to understand :p but i like this kwooot treee of yourssss ;)
    hehe :P

  4. Thank you m0zz.. your opinion means a lot! =D haha