Almost Heaven

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By Anam Tassadaq
   Of 3rd yr.

    ''I love you Jane, marry me!'', he said it all atlast. He had seemed so unapproachable the first time they had met, and now, just six months later, he was on his knees, uttering the three most sweet words a girl could imagine, on a night like this, the sky so pristine, the moon so divine, the seas so tranquil and the winds setting a caress to her ears, as sweet and melic as a carol, the scene altogether lulling her into ecstasy, into a deep rapturous delight.
    ''I love you too!'',she mumbled, with explicit joy in her voice, surrendering all her love to him, relinquishing so easily, so perfectly, the possession of her heart and soul.
    ''I know you do'', he told her in utter conviction, furthering her into the blissful reverie he had conjured around her, elating her to the ninth cloud!
     He looked into her riveting, turquoise eyes, with an intriguing affection so tangible in his glance, cajoling her heart, clutching her soul, shaking her completely, changing forever the person inside her, surrogating an entire new being! He took her in his arms, she was in her paradise. She closed her eyes, trying to hold onto time, as blithe, as full of love as it was, relishing the presence of someone she loved, and desired, the one man who had made her life a bed of roses, her world ALMOST HEAVEN!