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My world is a twisted one. There is an amalgam of creatures that inhabit it. It is not unlike your world or that of anybody else’s for that matter. The only difference is of the way we perceive, look at its inhabitants.

There are those who are just too noisy to bear. Incessantly talkative, driving around in flashy cars, signs of pomposity, looking down upon others as some measly low-life. The world never runs short of such snobs who presume they’re better than the rest; think that they’ve been endowed with traits and possessions far superior to what others have. At times like these I wonder: who would the sufferer complain to? After all, arrogance runs wild in this materialistic, self-centered world, doesn’t it?

Then there’s a certain population that is the exact opposite. A quiet, desolate one. Complacent with their circumstances, they live on sometimes in such a manner that nobody knows of their existence. Their days are shadowed by their introvert selves, and nights kindled by lonely thoughts. Whether they worry, conceal secrets or bathe in some silent bliss, people seldom know. Their lives are uninterrupted and uninfluenced by the rest. They do not need to holler about how they wish to lead their life; they simply do. Makes me wonder: is silence really the key to a peaceful life?

I look around and find how different happiness means to different people. For a young girl, shopping for her favourite stuff is an ultimate moment of glee. For a daughter, the tears in her mother’s eyes sparkling proudly at her recent achievement signify an indescribable basking in joy. For a student, happiness is the relief at her hardwork being appreciated. For a friend, it is those handful of priceless laughters over silly jokes that resound in the echoes of time forever. If happiness really is so multi-faceted, why is there so little of it that can be seen around?

Every other emotion is likewise. Anger, betrayal, humility, sincerity, hurt, humiliation, coldness… in my world, every emotion has a face to it. Though distinct in their characteristics, they’re not mutually exclusive. Anger manifests as a result of betrayal or hurt. Greed leads to dissolution of loyalty causing indifference and humiliation at the same time. It is not unlikely that the most bizarre of combinations may exist simultaneously, e.g. a person warm to his very core about a certain aspect, cold-shouldered in some manner, may be apparent as an astonishingly cruel one, a description that fails to complement his actual profile! With all these conflicting emotions in mind, I ask: is there a way to dig out perfect harmony among all humans?

My world houses all this, and much more. To capture the very essence of what it has to offer, and to study it thoroughly, I shall have to dare to take a plunge away from reality. I may even lose myself in order to come to terms with the mysteries it presents forth; I might lose all my strength in trying to untangle them, because… my world is one that lies within me.



  1. You've amazingly crafted the complexities of 'our world' and its people... wow-ey!!

  2. Awesomeeeee weeeee :D bhahhaahah
    bara maza ayaaaa mydeee :)
    really kewllll mA bestttt!
    Thumbs up ginger pudina chatni chef :p

  3. Muzna my dear.. I shall really be looking forward to even more titles from you, in future :D haha