Another Four-Letter Word

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By Anam Tassadaq
     Of 3rd yr.

''Once in awhile, right in the midst of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale''-Anonymous
                   Love is inevitable. The more you believe in it, the more vulnerable you are. Each one of us, those who've been blessed by Cupid and those as well who've been overlooked by him( poor them ), at a particular time in life, believe love to be the greatest of all Earthly joys. Every human has his own highly idiosyncratic perception about love. I personally believe that a man is incomplete until he falls in love. A man in love is still incomplete until he gets married and then, as they say, he's finished! Unlike what many of us think, love is not just a dopey feeling or a quirky emotion, it's a complete phenomenon, both physical and emotional, as esoteric and cryptical as the theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein( who actually believed that gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love). It's truly, intensely,pathetically complicated. There is this one special person who makes your world paradise and turns your...hell! It's when you let someone in your dreams and the person then drives you nuts! Nonetheless, this orison, this pious supplication of a 'truly loving heart' helps you grow from within and without (well, not actually), helps you discover new potentials hitherto unexplored, adds sunshine to your days, smiles to your face and years to your life(I'm not quite sure about this one). It definitely takes you one pace beyond others. It's less about a kiss and more about intimacy and togetherness. It's not just about falling for someone, it's about having someone to catch every time you fall. It's less about you and more about the other person!
                 But the irony is that love never comes without  pain and suffering and anguish. Usually when a person falls, he merely breaks a leg but when you fall in love, your entire world turns turtle and the worst part is that you can't just hide this topsy-turvy havoc-stricken state of yor life from your friends and not-so-friends alike. Love demands patience, longanimity and is definite to drain all your stamina but is inevitable!



  1. Koooooolllllllll........Really life z nthng without LOVE......!!!!!

  2. hmmm....well said..

  3. somehow reminded me of the yash raj-yellow meadows-snow peaked hills pictured songs with love lurking in the air! =)lol

  4. seems as if the writer has got an immense experience:)
    vry nice anywayz!

  5. is wott yash raj movies are awl about!
    @saima...any doubts dear?

  6. Thanks everyone!