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Quiet. Everything’s quiet after a huge storm.

I guess that’s how one could aptly describe the state… or should I say ‘status’ of KE’s virtual world. If you’re a Kemcolian (or a Kemcolian’s friend… or a friend of a Kemcolian’s friend –whose fb account was recruited to perform the much-in-demand task of ‘liking a photo’) you’d know that a crazy storm in the garb of the KELS-held Photo Competition recently hit KE.

Aye Caramba!  Creativity and humour knew no bounds as students from every year raced to send in their photos, all at the eleventh hour! KELS’s inbox, feeling awfully neglected at the week’s start, was close to bursting at the end. Frantic calls to extend the dead line were answered by the powers that be with an almighty ‘OK!’ and a 2pic max was changed to 4. The theme was ‘KE through my Eyes’ that brought in pics ranging from hostel cats to Sir Akram’s bat,  pigeon flights to DH-sights, building scenes to well umm Manno the garbage Queen.

Coming to the wackiest part of this hit event -the photo ‘likes’… Eager participants sent messages to every cell they could asking, requesting and later begging on bended knee for ‘likes’. KEMUNITED got it’s own fair share of likes, as people began to call in friends, foes and possibly distant aunts for voting. The wackiness was amusing and all in good fun… though when names like Thali Ka Brinjal began liking pics things miiiiiight have toed the line!

Some of the comments during the whole episode were:

‘Koi deen iman hai aap logon ka k nahi?’
 ‘Like ma pix,all ov u’
 ‘Were r my pix????i sent em em agez ago n still u guyz hvnt uploaded dm...’
 ‘Yar ye voting kab khatam hogi’
 ‘Haha..ala caption..!’
 ’Ise kehte hen level ki photo’

Judged by Literary Experts Remisha Zahid and Mussab Ahmad and tech-whiz Tauseef Omer, it was Bilal Mazhar’s fantastic fountain of knowledge that won First prize, with Nida Rauf’s charging pigeon coming Second and Amna Altaf’s Staircase to Success winning Third. Laiba Khalid’s photo that mocked the state of our dear class rooms won sure votes and likes, to bag the Fourth place as did Abdul Rehman’s never-before-seen dream office snap, that came Fifth.

But in tribute to the many photos that didn't win, a random mention of what we've learnt from them:

Our Rise towards fame, could be a Downfall of our Khudi

How nostalgic a Single picture can be, for so many

That Sozo Water Park could have an arch Rival :P

That B.D. induced Air headedness can take you places

    That once in a blue moon, Physio can seem pretty too!

That you can still be a prisoner, even if the door's open!

That strong will and courage always earn praise

 That despite whatever we say, our atrial chambers still have room for KE

And that Anam Naz is one hell of a photographer! :D

And so that rounds up the happenings of the KELS-held Photo Captioning Contest. Kudos for such a successful event to the mastermind Faiza Hameed who didn’t stress a bit ( ‘Uff No entries till the 29th!! I kept pulling on my inexistent hair and biting my nails to smithereens... People need to learn to be more punctual! I mean I could've had a heart attack these past few days!), event incharge M. Bilal (sees rising ‘likes’… pumps fist in air… yells ‘PartAy!!!’ :D ) and KELS President Remisha Zahid (umm no jokes about my President :P )

So yes the storm is over, and all is quiet…
Don’t forget to spot the winning entries in this year’s KEMCOL.
Let’s end on how some of the pets reacted to the results... 

Stay tuned for further exciting reviews, including the KELS-quiz!



  1. * Photo Credits: Sadaf Hafeez, Shahrukh Hassan, Ejaz-ul-Haq, Rabeaha Faiz, Omer Naseem, Hira Shuja, Faran Karim, Talha Saleem, Anam Naz, Moaz Zia, Tooba Jalees; KE pic being digested is by Tauseef Omer...

  2. LOL! Awesome;)

  3. as people began to call in friends, foes and possibly distant aunts for voting !!!( :p :D ! )
    The second photo in the tribute to Photos...capturing the late-comers in actually a photo of present final year...( whoa ! )
    The sighs of the rabbit and the catty...HILARIOUS ! :p :D !

    You are a heck of a reviewer Caption !

  4. Thanks Faiza :) Better get to nursing any remaining smithereens of those nails of yours :P
    Aahoyy Sadaf!! Thanksss dude! 'Shukran'... and your pic really deserved some special limelight, as did Anam's. :)

  5. Hahaha! The photos were aala, but this writeup takes the cake! :D

  6. zabardast review! capturing the true essence of the entire frenzy and what-not! =D

  7. OMG!! THANK you so very much Mushal :D And Mydah =D !