Intercollegiate Quiz Competition'11 by King Edward English Literary Society

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King Edward Medical University is Pakistan’s oldest and the most prestigious seat of learning in the field of medical sciences and research. The King Edward English Literary Society prides itself in having a rich tradition of literary excellence. In accordance with our aim of encouraging healthy extra curricular activities in Pakistan, we take great honour in organizing our 2nd Annual KELS Intercollegiate Quiz Competition, on Thursday 9th June,2011 at 9:00 am at Auditorium,KEMU, Lahore.

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                                   Rules and Regulations

·         Each team will consist of 2 participants. Only one team can particirate from one institute.
·         The teams will be questioned from the following categories:
   Current Affairs
   Arts & Literature
   Geography & History
   Religion & Mythology

·         There will be an initial Preliminary Round from which 6 teams will be selected.
·         In the Final Round, these 6 teams will contest against each other.
·         There will be six rounds in the Final, with one team being eliminated after each round
   Team Round
   Category Round
   Multimedia Round (Buzzer)
   Rapid Fire Round
   Final Team Round

·         Unless stated otherwise, each team will be given 20 seconds to answer the question.
·         In case of a tie, the match shall move into a sudden death situation.
·         The quiz will be conducted in English.
·         Th decision of the quizmasters will be final.
·         KELS reserves the rights to disqualify any participant or expel any audience member upon failure
·         to maintain the decorum.
·         The purpose of this contest is not to see how an individual is at textbook knowledge. We aim to bring forth and test general knowledge, common sense, wit and teamwork of the participants who take the stage.
·         Please email your confirmation with names of participants at Thank you!