Of Uncertainties,Probabilities And Cricket

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By Razaulmohsin
Of 3rd yr.

          Our ordinary everyday world is deterministic. There is certainty in occurrence of things. Knowing the state of a body you can predict its future. But as we approach the quantum world –the world of atomic and subatomic particles- the usual rules seem suspended, every thing loses certainty. We can talk of probabilities only. These things baffle scientists in the same way as our cricket team baffles us. The usual laws don't apply here. Every thing behaves differently when it comes to Pakistan. Even the word 'certainty' loses its meaning and acts quite uncertainly.

Team Pakistan has got the nerve of losing a match when all the probabilities point to its winning and winning it when every one has lost the hope. Who could have expected Pakistan to beat Australia which has not lost 34 consecutive matches from the last three world cups, with such a weak squad? At least I had no hope of Pakistan winning, can’t say anything about others.
These few stunts help Pakistani cricket to thrive in spite of the blunders our players and cricket board are in habit of making .They turn the smouldering emotions of hope into flames.

Blowing off our team in jokes is our favourite sport but if we look closely the behaviour of our cricket team is not very different from our collective behaviour as a society; the corruption, the fighting, the grouping, character maligning , nepotism, leg pulling, indiscipline look so alike.  So its unjust to keep cursing them all the time. ( lakin if kamran bhai tries to drop a catch then don’t hesitate to forward messages till he comes out with a public apology)

Pain produces avoidance behaviour. I had lost interest in cricket because at the end of watching a match for a whole day what you get is a highly depressing defeat then zamanay mein or bhi bohat gham hein cricket k siwa. Why not watch some thing else to cheer up our moods rather than watch cricket to make us feel more gloomy.

Cricket is a lazy game and I some times feel that it should perish away from Pakistan. But every country has something that unites it and cricket is one of those rare things which still unite us all. It makes Mahmoods and Ayazes of Pakistan to stand in the same row. Gender difference evaporates. Even the bachas and bhorhaz act in the same way. Every one can understand the emotions of others. Life shows a different face. Talks become energetic. Hopes are revived and a wave of energy takes everybody to a new plane of feeling.
With our aggressive psyche and sadist tastes these games become even more interesting. Greater the pain inflicted on the enemy greater is the joy in winning. Even if we don’t win we can derive our joy from the defeat of our enemy. After all we are expert leg pullers; ‘if we lose you too can’t win’.
Such incidents of surprised victory also show the potential we posses as a nation. Our team is playing united after a long time. This shows that if we become united nothing can stand in our way to realize our dream of a peaceful and progressive Pakistan, which still haunts us as a wrong gone nightmare.
The fact that we would not be able to host any of the matches of the world cup, just because of the deteriorating condition of peace in our country and especially after the revival of our hopes to win, is a turn off. I perceive a deeper meaning in it and a message to follow!



  1. Ohhh I was about to write a cricket post too oh well..:P

    A lot of true stuff...yup our team's like a mini rep of all the sorts of ppl you find in our society.. the day it's free of leg pullers n corrupt cricketers- will be when our society's free of the same..

    Khair, Very well structured, g.r.e.a.t. expression, awesome post! :D

  2. i like the part with quantum mechanics. :)

  3. yo..! true about kami bhai..srsly what is wrong with that guy..!!!