Madness (Or: Im having Prof and just HAD to write something)

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He'd stolen glimpses of her across the class the last 2 years. She'd watched him pass by every day. And then, they joined a Society. And for the first time, they actually said Hi.

They were sitting in the lawn outside Pharma. On the high ledge that overlooks the Patiala Ground. The past whole week, he couldn't sleep well at night, thinking of what he'd say to her, and how he'd say it. It was sunny. And the breeze was flirting with their hair and swirling her dupatta. He began to muster up the courage, talking about silly, ordinary stuff. It was break time, and her tummy was starting to rumble. She took an apple out of her bag, rubbed it shiny with a tissue, and took a small, clean bite. The sight of the bright, red, shiny, juicy apple suddenly brought down the walls and gave him a surge of courage. And he said it. Just as she took the second bite. In one breath. One go.

Her eyes widened. She was surprised. She couldn't speak. Yes, she couldn't believe it was true. She spluttered. And she coughed. And she choked. And she couldn't breath. Love. And the bright red, juicy, shiny apple.

He shouldn't have missed that BLS session. And paid more attention to those resuscitation steps rather than the way her hair bounced and swayed as she nodded her head and followed the teacher moving across the class. But in any case. This was KE.


He had been admitted in ESW. A case of blunt trauma to the abdomen. Lacerated liver. His eyes were green. And he was the most handsome man she'd ever seen. He would always smile when she came up to check his charts or look at his x-rays. Though they really didn't need checking that often. He had a soft, gentle voice. And he always looked at her so admiringly and thankfully. She wasn't really sure she wanted him to get well so soon.

Her Mamma sniffed as she tearfully exclaimed: 'Mene kaha bhi tha Surgimed me job kar lo...kamazkam koi larka phansaati to pese wala to hota! Meri doctor beti! Aur woh Parchoon ki dukaan wala!!!'