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Interview Posts for KELS Executive Council 2011
Staff President: Prof. Dr. Syed Atif Hasnain Kazmi

The interviews will take place on 3rd March 2011 (Thursday), 10 am, Dept. of Dermatology. Unit 1. The interviews will be conducted by Prof. Atif Kazmi himself in the presence of past President and General Secretary.

Please submit your application to Remisha Zahid of Final Year by Tuesday, and bring you CV with you at the time of interview.

President: Final Year

General Secretary: Final Year

Final Year Senior Cabinet: Final Year Members

Vice President: 4th Year

Multimedia Secretary: 3rd Year/ 4th Year

Event Advisor: 3rd Year/ 4th Year

Joint Secretaries: 3rd Year/ 4th Year

Assistant Joint Secretaries: 3rd Year

Media Secretaries: 3rd Year/ 4th Year/ 2nd Year

Finance Secretaries: Any Year

Kellogs Admin: Any Year

Book Club Admin: Any Year

Coordinate Secretaries: 2nd Year/ 3rd Year

Preclinical Secretaries: 2nd Year

Assistant Secretaries: 2nd Year

Assistant Event Advisor: 1st Year/ 2nd Year

Class Representatives: All Years

Good luck!