Sigh. Life. Lol.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 Mushal Noor 8 Comments Category :

Today is the second last day of the five year journey that was KE. Tomorrow will be our last official day together as a Class. The Class of 2010.

There is so much I could say. So much I'd want to say to so many people. And through all the waves of happiness and nostalgia and sadness, I couldn't help feeling a sudden rush of indignation. Like a child, whos lollipop gets snatched away after he has painstakingly unwrapped it, and just tasted it for the first time.

I updated my status on Facebook to say: 'It's not Fair!!!'
And then I began to receive the predictable stream of sms's and comments of: 'What isn't fair?'

This is the answer I wrote to the first of those queries:

Sigh. Life. Lol

Evanescent. Confusing. Unfulfilling. There really is no such thng as Carpe diem, because you can't sieze the day: it slips through your fingers somehow. When you are finally able to open ur eyes and arms, the scene changes. You learn to breathe under water, and suddenly, land ahoy.

I wonder what it would be like to live with no regrets. Not even small ones. No envy either. Because you know you have said and done it all.

And it makes you want to laugh in exasperation when you find out that all the clich├ęs are true. Every single one of them. That's life.

Here's to the Class of 2010. To every single one of you. The ones I've shared secrets and laughter with. The ones that I turned to when I was upset or disturbed. The ones I meet in the corridor every day. The ones who wave and smile as we go to our seats in the lecture theatre. The ones in our Quran class. The ones in my ward batch. The ones I got to know and appreciate too late. The ones I only saw passing by. The ones I never knew, and probably never will.

What more can I say. May God be with us all.



  1. @ Mushal
    Great! :)
    The ending paragraph is the best!

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  3. sad but very true...dilemma of life is....we realise importance of people, importance of moments when we are about to lose them!!!

  4. nice one mash, but the thing is that my time with u passes very quickly anyway, but life is good and we'd do jus fine :)

  5. True! But this is the reality of life.. We had a memorable time in KEMU.. Last days in KEMU is a step towards our new lives.. And I pray that whenever I see my classmates, I see them in good health and with lots of happiness.. Ameen.. So cheer up guys!! Alot more has yet to come!! (:

  6. haha..nostalgia....i still have many years here but do feel it even now...though i dont have many freinds...felt it in metric..then fsc...

  7. "I wonder what it would be like to live with no regrets. Not even small ones. No envy either. Because you know you have said and done it all."
    i loved the thought in these lines!